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June 22, 2018 6:00 P.M. Central European Summer Time




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Collection of Pristine Collector Cars and Motorcycles 

ending June 22nd, 2018 

at 6:00 P.M. Central European Summer Time

*private viewing appointments available please send inquiry to [email protected] 

After 30 years of collecting and creating memories, we present to you a wonderful collection of automobiles, motorbikes and tractors.  This collection was housed in a custom glass walled facility where it was admired and enjoyed.  The collector himself is a well respected gentleman who built his own business over the years, and with great success.   His interests started with horses and soon it was time for him to move from the 4 legged 1 horsepower to the 4 wheel multi horsepower.  There has admiration for old automobiles, motors and tractors were born.

Collector Cars
1924 2066664 Packard Green car Eight 236 ~Older restoration, left hand drive, painted in black, creme and green. Paintwork in reasonable condition. Paintwork on wooden parts cracked. Brown linen convertible top in good condition with tonneau cover. Leather in brown/black, various cracks and in the back a single fire hole. Black leather side panels with light traces of use. Green floor carpets, mild used but in good condition. Water cooled straight 8 gasoline engine. 3-speed manual gearbox, rear wheel drive. Partly heat bandage on exhaust. 12V with main power switch. Steel wheels in creme color fitted with Goodrich Silvertown Cord 33 x 5, 4ply - 8 ply rated new tires. Spare wheel is available. Front and rear drum brakes. Options: electrical cooling fan, rear reflectors, searchlights mounted on stainless steel lamp bar, windshield wiper, detachable storage box mounted on the backside, German license papers.

1930 183412 Packard car Deluxe 8 Roadster Steel ladder frame, front and rear semi-elliptical leaf springs packed with heat bandage. 2 seater convertible with in the back a 2 person rumble seat. Detachable window for rumble seat. Bordeaux red leather with red piping and door panels equipped with card compartment. Red floor carpet in good condition. 384,75 cubic inch/ 6305 cm3 inline 8 cylinder water cooled gasoline engine, 106 horsepower. Four-speed manual transmission. 12V electrical system; everything functions properly. Chrome wire wheels with Firestone Gum F Dipped High Speed Balloon 6 ply heavy duty tires. Front and rear drum brakes. Very nice and presentable car with only minor paint details -> see pictures. Options: radiator grille in chrome, tonneau cover in grey with red piping, 4 winter tires are included, pilot ray Spread lights, main power switch, Packard door sills, luggage suitcase on steel luggage rack. The Packard 745 is a rare car with just 1,789 produced, with approximately only 50 being roadsters. The Packard Company slogan, “Ask the man who owns one,” was never more clearly defined than in this beautiful roadster from Packard’s past.184818

 1928 252633 Packard Red car Pheaton Tourer Left hand drive factory steel chassis, restored in the past. Beige linen convertible top in good condition. Two-tone painting in red with traces of use. Brown colored leather in good condition, no damages. Straight 8 water cooled gasoline engine, 389,64 CUI/ 6385 cm3. Overhauled engine but note there was an engine-accident. The casting on drivers site has been repaired with 2 plates which are bolted on the casting, 1 in- and 1 outside the engine. The engine starts, runs and accelerates good. 3-speed manual gearbox. Steel/wooden wheels incl. spare wheels. There are BF Goodrich Silvertown 7.00-20 4Ply tires mounted on all the wheels. The Packard is equipped with drum brakes. Additional information: See pictures for traces of use on paint. Depress beam headlights, 2 additional electric cooling fans, removable storage box, map reading Lamp, cow lamps, Hella adjustable search lights, wind deflectors on both sides, 4 winter tires included, FIVA identity card is available. 282857

1928 CP455C Chrysler car G70 Roadster Steel ladder frame in good condition equipped with 4-Wheel Semi-Elliptic leaf spring suspension. Nice beige linen convertible top. Paintwork in reasonable condition with traces of use and several small cracks -> see pictures. Black leather interior with nice piping, door panels also in black leather. Black carpet set with leather piping. Straight 6, 248,8 CUI/ 4077 cm3 water cooled engine in good running condition, brass carburetor combined with an 123 electronic ignition. 3 Speed manual operated gearbox. 12V electrical system with main power switch. Wooden / Steel wheels fitted with Firestone Deluxe Champion 6.00/6.50-18 whitewall tires in good condition. Spare wheel is available and comes with the car. This Chrysler 6 is equipped with drum brakes. Options: 2 side wind deflectors, Bausch & Comp. lamp glasses. Unfortunately several paint damages and traces of use -> see pictures. History information: Production of the Model 70 – named for its comfortably achievable top speed -- began in 1924, utilizing many never before seen engineering features that would distinguish the new model as one of the most advanced in its period. 10523 miles. 74429-2 H719

1929 8393580 Ford A Convertible car 2-seater convertible with rumble seat. Linen convertible top in reasonable condition. Steel ladder frame is painted black and in good condition. Brown leather with piping in good condition with soft patina, no damages. Beige carpet set. Straight 4 Cylinder 199,91 cui/ 3276 cm3 gasoline engine with Zenith carburetor and Air-Maze air filter. 3-speed manual gearbox with High/Low gear (See pictures for the Mitchel gear splitter module) . Electrical system in good operating condition. Factory steel wire wheels equipped with Firestone 4.75/5.00-19 Gum F Dipped whitewall tires. The tires are flexible and have sufficient profile. Drum brakes without brake booster work properly. Options: Ford standard Roadster with windshield wiper, Ford lamp glasses, Wind deflectors on both sides, 2 Mirrors, Sparton horn, additional Ford footboards. 15456 kilometers A3130399

1933 L0479 MG - Magna car Steel ladder frame in straight condition, painted black. Leaf springs packed in heat bandage. Body panels in colour red, well painted. Beige leather with lovely patina. Door panels with embossed MG logo in leather. Beige carpets. Straight 6, 66,83 cui / 1087 cm3 water cooled engine with Volumex compressor equipped with SU carburetor. 3-speed manual transmission. 12V electrical system, working properly. 48-spoke wire wheels fitted with Ensing 4.50-19 tires in good condition. Drum brakes on all 4 wheels. Options and additional information: main power switch, old Bosch lamp glasses, black linen tonneau cover, convertible top is supplied separately, body is restored, many polyester parts have been used (for example; doors, rear bodywork and fenders), Large fold down windscreen with 2 small replica Brooklands racing screens behind it. Jaeger instruments, Germany license plate documents. 9378 miles. MG 348-107 (80-89, MC348-107 BA 31265A, on oil filler neck MG343/132)

1921 1131647 Fiat car 501SS Right hand drive 2-seater convertible. Steel ladderframe with leaf springs wrapped in heatbandage with Hartford suspension. Tan leather in very good condition, no damage. Tan leather door panels with card compartment. Wooden steeringwheel. Aluminium tear floorplates (new made). 90,86 cui/ 1486 cm3 4 cylinder watercooled engine, runs on gasoline. Weber carburetors with K&N sports air filters. 4-speed manual transmission on big gearlever, the small gearlever is to activate the reverse gear. Bosch lamp glas, 12V electrical system. Chrome wire wheels with Excelsior Comp H 5,50-18 88H 6 ply tires. Tires are supple with sufficient profile. Ventilated drumbrakes on all 4 wheels. Additional information: single Brooklands Racing windscreen, steel ladderframe, engine and radiator are factory-old-original, rest of the parts are mostly new-made in aluminium, replica rear lights, chrome exhaust cover, tan tonneau cover. History information: The Fiat 501 is a car produced by Fiat between 1919 and 1926. The 501 was Fiat's first model after World War I. Fiat introduced the S and SS sports versions of the 501 in 1921. Fiat produced 47,600 501s in total. 2266 Kilometers. 1131647 Tipo 101

1966 112021-12-009273 Mercedes Benz car 300SE W112 Panels fit nice, body is repainted in the past. Rubbers are nice with small traces of use. Bodywork underside looks neat , restored in the past. Red leather with detachable head supports, wooden interior details, red carpet with black rubber mud/snow carpet set, vinyl canopy. 6 cylinder gasoline engine with Bosch fuel pump attached to an automatic transmission. 12V electrical system, everything functions properly. Steel rims with chrome wheel covers. Michelin MXV, 185HR14 90H tires are mounted, tires are in acceptable condition. Spare wheel is also there. Power steering in combination with disk brakes and brake booster. Additional information: electrical operated sliding roof, Becker Mexico TR radio, air suspension, original screens, front screen is replaced by a modern Safety glass type, Power steering, disk brakes with brake booster, electrical operated side screens, VDO clocks (gauges?). M189 VI, 189,987-12-001102

Early 1920's 32511 Mathis car Older restoration, open 2 seater convertible. Steel ladder chassis combined with wooden parts and body from wood and steel. The paint in black and green is in reasonable condition but with traces of use and several small cracks. Leather in cognac color, old but in good condition. 4 cylinder gasoline engine with additional electric cooling fan. Weber carburetor and magnet ignition. Copper radiator. 12V. Steel rims fitted with Metzeler 4.00-18 Block C66 Touring tires and drum brakes on rear axle, no brakes on front axle. Older restoration, nice drivers condition with traces of use. Rare car in these days. 33041

1928 1965755 Buick car Master Six 4 door Fisher body, steel ladder frame, black leather rooftop. Nice original wood/steel steering wheel, green velvet seats with print. The rear seat has small damage on top. Green grey carpet with nice piping, canopy in cognac color. All instruments work properly. Good running 170,87 cui/ 2800 cm3 straight inline 6 engine with original ignition and Marvel carburetor. 3 speed manual floor shifter. Original 6V. Steel/wooden spoke wheels. On all 4 rims there are Firestone Deluxe Champion Gum F Dipped 5.25-21 6 ply whitewalls mounted, all tires in good and drivable condition. Options: Tilt-Ray headlamps, Desmo mirrors, Delco Remy start motor and dynamo, leather rooftop, sun spoiler at roof front. See pictures for paint details and some small traces of use. 55675 miles 98994-2 - 2050194


1997 1HD1BRL14VY048177 Harley Davidson motorbike Heritage FXST 88 Springer Tubular frame in very nice crème color with redline. 2 seater with leather backsupport, seats are in good condition, no damage. Matching numbers 81.65 cui/ 1338 cm3 V-twin engine, running very good. 5-speed manual transmission, switched by foot. Engine in good running condition, 5-speed manual gearbox with nr. 97105002 is shifting good. Whitewall HD Dunlop D402F, MT90B16 M/C 72H mounted on the front chrome wire wheel. Whitewall HD Dunlop D402, MT90B16 M/C 74H mounted on the rear chrome wire wheel. The Harley Davidson is fitted with diskbrakes. Options: highway steps, tour steps, full size running boards, windscreen, leather bags on both sides, side stand, 2 mirrors, license plate papers from Germany. Note: Miles stand is not correct, at this moment only 89miles on the clock. The old instrument was broken and replaced by a new one. BRLV048177

1953 1811678 NSU motorbike Nice tubular frame in chocolat brown equipped with luggage carrier. 1 original NSU suspended seat. Single cylinder 30.15 cui/ 494 cm3 aircooled gasoline engine, 4 speed foot switched gearbox. Bing carburetor, original ignition, chrome exhaust. Original VDO instrument. 40-spoke chrome wirewheels fitted with drumbrakes in nice condition without damage. Front tire: Metzeler 3.50-19 Block C5. Rear tire: Dunlop Roadmaster TT 4.10H19 K81. Older restoration in good driveable condition, nice original. Options: Hella headlight, Stanley rearlight, Malco Passa footrests. 15191 kilometers 973960

1952 48506614 DKW  motorbike RT200 Tubular frame in nice original condition, has been painted in the past. 2 - 1 person saddles in good condition with additional luggage carrier. Single cylinder 11,65 cui/ 191 cm3 , Bing carburetor. Chrome exhaustmanifold with black fishtale exhaust. 4 speed transmission, chain drive on rearwheel. Steel rims with chrome spokes. Both rims are fitted with Metzeler 3.00-19 M/C 54P Block C5 Reinf. tires. Mechanically operated drumbrakes. Options: Pagusa-DKW seats, Magura handles, Notek headlamp, Original footrests and additional passenger footrests.Only 00007 KM after restoration... 47023512


1958 1049828 Rex moped  Black and Creme color scheme, some parts are rusted. Older restoration, needs some attention/ has to be checked. Tubular frame, straight. Wittkop seat in nice condition. Rex 509, single cylinder 2 stroke engine with Bing carburetor and conventional ignition. Chrome exhaust from 1 part. Chain drive on rear wheel. Fuel: mixed lubrication for 2 stroke engines. Chrome spokes wheels fitted with Continental 2 1/4-19 41B KKS 10 Moped whitewall tires. Drum brakes, hand operated on the front wheel and foot operated on rear wheel. Options: VDO odometer, Headlamp without lamp fitting, pedals are not original, Wittkop seat, original storage compartment. 19815 kilometers 805380 

5000 - 7022898 Solex moped Tubular Solexframe painted in Turquoise. 1 single seat as always by Solex. Single cylinder, engine should run according to information of owner. Chrome spooks wheels. Front tire: Schwalbe 2.0 x 1.75 HS159. Rear tire: Michelin 2.0-16 Cyclomoteur. Nice ladies moped in turquoise colour with some white details.1960 A50371 Victoria Avanti moped

Solex moped Standard Solex frame in nice condition. Rex suspended seat. Single cylinder, engine should run according to information of owner. Michelin type Y Cyclomoteur on spooks wheels. Options: Chrome protective engine bar and black rubber mudflap6174 ? 


Ursus-Lanz tractor C45 Continuous fenders in black are fitted to the bordeaux colored tractor. 2-person leather seat. Hot bulb single cylinder diesel engine , 45 HP, oil pump recently revised, 3-speed gearbox with High/Low speed group, no extra street acceleration,12V electrical system. Drum brakes on rear axle. Front tires: Debica 7.50-20 ANP-5. Rear tires: BKT TR135 14.9-28. Additional information: hot bulb diesel tractor, standing windshield fitted with windshield wiper. Suspended front axle, old type Bosch headlamps, main power switch, removable storage compartment, linen convertible top with small crack in roof, rear wheel weights, older restoration in drivers condition

227865056 Guldner tractor 6 Cylinder air cooled diesel engine, runs good. 12V battery with enough power. Tires on steel front rim: Continental 7.50-18 with small traces of use and some small cracks. Tires at the rear: Pionier 18.4/15-30 AS in good condition. Additional information: Fast transmission 40 Km/H, additional passenger seats on both fenders, date on rear axle 7-9-1967, 3-point linkage, ZF transmission; ZF 227 2310100-12 (C ZP11 2049 401 1074) 16-168, operated on the steering column, PTO, 2 hydraulic valve, roll bar, Germany license plate papers. 6L79 - 10222 (120860050)

1960 ? Schmiedag crawler Cast iron and steel body in red/grey color scheme. One seat position for operator. 1 Cylinder Hatz diesel engine in good running order with Bosch diesel pump. Field and road gear, 2 forward gears in combination with 2 reverse gears , make of transmission is AE. This crawler is in full functional condition, also the front loader works properly. Steel track with cushion blocks, used but in good condition. Options: main power switch, cast iron counterweight, under tow bar, pedal and arm controls, front loader.

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1. CATALOG: Aumann Auctions has put forth every effort in preparing the catalog for this auction to provide accurate descriptions of all items. All lots are sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS, with all faults, imperfections and errors of description. Due diligence is the responsibility of the bidder/buyer. Printed statements or descriptions by staff are provided in good faith and are matters of opinion.
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