The Carl Ebbersten Estate Auction - Day 3

by Aumann Auctions, Inc.


June 22, 23, & 24, 2006 9:00 a.m. each day Central


Cornland, IL


Online Only


Third Day - Hundreds of Tractors of All Brands! Catalog Here with Hundreds of Pictures and Descriptions of Each & Every Tractor! Use The Category Drop Down To Look At Your Favorite Brand!

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Day 3

Highlight Tractors & Significant Items as listed in the catalog

The Largest Estate Auction You Have Ever Attended!!!

Auction Schedule

Thursday, June 22nd, 2006 – 9:00 a.m.

Ring One: Parts, Parts on Pallets, Hundreds of Good Tires & Rims, Steel Wheels

Ring Two: Modern Farm Equipment, Trucks, Automobiles, Trailers & Farm Antiques, Cast Iron Seats, Etc. in the afternoon

Friday, June 23rd, 2006 – 9:00 a.m.

Ring One: Uncataloged Literature & Memorabilia, Parts Tractors, Gas Engines, Implements

Ring Two: Cataloged Farm Toys, Literature, Signs

Saturday, June 24th, 2006 – 9:00 a.m.

Highlight Tractors & Significant Items as listed in the catalog


Over 350 Tractors - Farm Toy Collection - 100 Tractor Signs - Literature & Memorabilia Collection - Hundreds of Implements - Thousands of Parts! - Cast Iron Seat Auction - Plus Much, Much More!!!





EARLY TRACTORS - Return to Top

Aultman Taylor 22-45, older restoration, nice complete tractor that has been stored away for years!

Avery 25-50, late style, originally a contractor tractor, older restoration, road lugs, complete, good solid tractor

Minneapolis 17-30 Type B Crossmotor, sn. 9231 on steel, air cleaner, oiler, mag, complete in good condition, stuck while stored in a shed

Hart Parr 18-27 on steel

Heider 15-27, older repaint, very complete tractor, decent gearing, good sheet metal

Huber 40-62, older restoration, on steel with no lugs, complete original tractor with air breather, awesome!

Huber Super 4, excellent original crossmotor tractor, pinstriping still visible, one fender is damages but LOTS of original paint! No lugs

Moline Universal model D, excellent unit with older restoration but has all the goodies!  Lights, starter box, starter, sulky and more!

Oil Pull Rumely Model X 25-40, older restoration, very complete tractor with air cleaner, rubber over steel wheels, no lugs

Oliver Hart-Parr 12-24 with original muffler, lubricator, mags, carbs, original air cleaner, 3 speed

JOHN DEERE - Return to Top

BO  Lindeman Crawler, pto, older repaint, very complete, nice straight crawler 

MI, new tires, lights, rear weights, mower drive, bullet tail light, restored

Spoker D, 24" flywheel (has some cracks), on steel, correct steering wheel, older restoration

GPO, good sheet metal, motor stuck, very rare tractor!

720 LP Standard, rare, 1 of 345 built!, power steering, original

730 LP Standard, rare, 1 of 220 built!

GP Wide Tread, side steer, older repaint on rear steel, cutdown front, rare!

AOS, rare tractor in great condition, older repaint, cutdown fronts, rear weights, great rear tires

Unstyled G on cast centers, tires 50 percent, Pto, power lift, older restoration

BR on full steel, missing lugs, old restoration, very straight tractor Nice!

Styled G, tires are rated 30 percent, straight sheet metal, complete, Char-Lynn  power steering and steps, power block and water pump

G, flat top fenders, tires are rated 40 percent, lights, very straight original tractor

520 LP, rear tires 75%, straight sheet metal, original paint tractor

 All original styled A JD, slant dash, guide lamps, electric start, rare set of early unstyled A fenders with the A782R cast iron brackets. Super nice and straight, flat top with a bead

60 Standard, Low seat, very straight original tractor, excellent sheet metal

530 narrow front, power steering, 3 point hitch, lights, cast rear center wheels, tires 30%

GP, cutdowns, stuck but complete with carb and mag

820, straight sheet metal

AN, long hood, flat top fenders, lights

440 crawler, gas, street pads with front blade

W Power Unit, stuck

GW, 32805, good grills

950 Diesel Mower, nice and straight

G pulling tractor

730 Diesel electric start, wide front, good tires, starter weights

830, power steering, straight, clutch cover missing

830, power steering, straight

G, styled, Power Block, good rubber

G pulling tractor with 18.4x38 tires

430 T, tricycle front

720 Diesel Standard, no rockshaft, rice tires, pony start, 2 hydraulic outlets

80, straight, 2 outlets, power steering

620, 3 point, toplink, cast center wheels, tires 50%

Unstyled G on rear round spokes, older repaint, loop drawbar, really nice solid tractor ready for a show restoration!

730 gas row crop, unrestored original, cast rears, tires 20%, lights, pto, hydraulics, power steering, lift arms

BR, electric start, older repaint, needs tires, lights, nice tractor

G, electric start, repainted, cast rears, lights, pto, hydraulics

R, super nice original tractor, very early with knob pull start on pony, great sheet metal

MC crawler, older repaint, solid and good original

430 Standard, all original paint tractor, good tires, great restoration project

AR, unstyled, older repaint on rubber

B, unstyled, on cast center rubber, good original tractor ready for restoration

B, styled on flat spoke rears, good original tractor

LI, complete, all original yellow paint, stuck

A hand start, tires 40% but weather checked, cast iron front rims, pto

301A gas, utility, industrial, 3 point and roll bar, power steering

Styled A hand start, original paint, all original tractor, complete but rusty, cut tires rated 20 percent

Styled A hand start, cultivator lift, tires are 25 percent, there is a patch in the hood, all original tractor, rusty but complete

H all original paint, cast iron front wheels, hand start, with mounted 2 row cultivator

L very straight original tractor, nice sheet metal, straight grill, great restoration project

MT like new rear rubber, draw bar, pto

Original paint, H, cast iron front wheels, hand start

LI, original belly mount sickle bar mower, tires are miss matched, sheet metal fair, missing grill, original yellow paint showing

M, draw bar, need rims, tires 40%, straight sheet metal

MT, pto, old repaint

440 crawler, gas, pto, blade, 3 point, 5 speed, casting broke on final drive but have the part to fix it

70, nice tires, flat top fenders, rear weights, live pto

L, older restoration, starter w/ belt pulley

B, rockshaft, cast wheels

A, straight but stuck

D, styled, good grill, spoke fronts on rubber

D, cast rear wheels

A on Wards rubber


D on steel, straight

A, older repaint on cuttoffs, tires 20%

Unstyled A, hand start, front cutoffs, rear steel no lugs, loop drawbar, stuck

D, Unstyled on full steel, older repaint, complete and solid tractor

Styled B, fairly complete but rough

Unstyled B, selling for parts

Styled A, for parts

Styled B for parts

G for parts

Styled B for parts

LI no tag, fairly complete but rough

4020 straight shift with a Schwartz wide front bad motor

Styled B serial number unreadable, has a step on it, lights, fairly complete

Styled B on rear steel and one front steel wheel for parts

Styled A, fairly complete but rough

Styled B, fairly complete but rough

FARMALL - Return to Top

240, row crop, fast hitch, hydraulics, rear weights, tires 75%, fenders, very straight original tractor

350 High Crop, excellent restoration, new tires all around, runs and drives great! One of just 151 ever built!!!

350 LP Wheatland Special, very rare variation, rear weights, rear tires 70%, hydraulics, torque amplifier, wheatland fenders, all original paint tractor!

504 gas narrow front, hydraulics, pto, power steering, steps, rear tires 50%, front tires 20%, fenders, runs

Super MTA gas, fenders, hydraulics, pto, tires cut for pulling, lights, nice old original tractor, straight

HV High Crop, nice repaint, new front tires, RARE dual 7"x40" duals on rear, lights, cane lift and optional air cleaner

Regular narrow tread on full steel, belt pulley, shedded for many years, all original

Super M, hydraulics, tires 30 percent, very straight original old tractor

450, older repaint, super straight, all straight sheet metal, hydraulics, tires 80%, rear wheel weights, power steering

Louisville Super M, Behlen power steering, pto, lights, hydraulics, rear weights

F12 with one row cornpicker, new tires

560 Diesel Standard, straight, wheatland configuration

200, tires 40%, belt pulley, pto

C with Woods belly mower, rear weights, this was a mowing tractor

B, new tires front and rear, belt pulley, old repaint

Cub with belt pulley and 1 row mounted planter

B painted yellow, with belly mower, good tires front and rear

F 20 with Wards power track tires, original, complete ready to restore

H all original, tires 50%, does not have a tag

F-30 missing serial number tag, straight original tractor

460, straight drawbar, tires are 30 percent, straight sheet metal, rear weights, pto, hydraulics

H, very straight original, belt pulley, pto, lights, rear weights, Stan Hoist loader, tires 50%

Cub, original, tires 50%, missing grill

F-30, full steel, complete, original

F-30, factory round spokes with matches Wards tires, older restoration

300 row crop, Fast Hitch

Cub, good tires, belly mower, lights


Regular, on cut off rubber

F-20, electric start, rubber on cast wheels, foot brakes

C, wide front



300, straight original, air cleaner, rear weights, 75% tires

H, extra straight original tractor, super nice with fenders, electric start on full steel

C, belly mower, ready to use or restore, straight sheet metal

F-30 on round stokes wheels, complete, stuck

C Serial number 172553, complete but rust, fast hitch, front and rear weights

H for parts

F 20 for parts

H fairly complete but rusty

H fairly complete but rusty

F 20 for parts

F 20 for parts

H complete but rusty

F 20 on full steel for parts

450 Gas, fairly complete, but rough

F 20 for parts

Super H, with fenders fairly complete but rough, rear wheel weights

H fairly complete, but rust

F 20 fairly complete but rough


8-16 Junior, exceptional tractor, super nice, very old repaint, all the goodies are still with the tractor!  Don’t miss this, one of the nicest old originals we’ve sold!

10-20 Titan, needs original gas tank, very complete and straight tractor otherwise, good old repainted original - wheel extensions and plow guide will sell separately!

Fairway 12 Serial Number FOS3482 on rubber, nice older restoration Super Rare Tractor

240 Utility, 1 new rear tire, fast hitch, pto, under slung exhaust, very straight tractor, older repaint

340 row crop, pto, hydraulics, very straight original tractor, tires 50% from Havana IL dealership

350 high utility, serial number 18244, torque, rear weights, 3 point, straight, but rusty

Cub, white grill, with mounted belly sickle bar mower, lights, turf tires, Serial Number 203300

600 Diesel, lights, wheatland fenders, hydraulics, runs, 40% rear tires

WK40 on rubber, starter is missing

650 Wheatland gas, VERY straight tractor, lights, pto, hydraulics, power steering

M, hard to find 1939 model!  Original on rear cutoffs, lights, straight sheetmetal

I-4 solid on cast wheels and hard rubber tires with pintle hitch, foot feed, acceleration complete but rusty, rates a 4

0S4 solid cast wheels, rear weights

Model A, old repaint, belt pulley, lights, hydraulics

Cub painted yellow and white, missing grill, tractor rates a 3, needs tires

W4, rear weights, pto, belt pulley, older repaint

Super H 1954 with a battery under the seat, rear weights, lights, air cleaner, pto, hydraulics, fairly complete but rough

W 6, rear weights, straight sheet metal, good original tractor

560, gas, fast hitch, front slab weight, repainted, tires are 25%

Very late model Cub, yellow and white, rear tires 80%

404, wide front, 3 point, hydraulics, fenders, tires 50%

660 diesel, blown head gasket but ran, straight sheet metal, straight fenders

Cub Lo-Boy 154, late style with deck, standard transmission

Cub, late yellow and white with belly mower, turf tires and underslung exhaust

Cub Lo-Boy, early style, with belly mower and turf tires, nice!

WD9, straight sheet metal, hydraulics

W6, straight

460 utility with loader, rear weights, spin out wheels, fast pitch, homemade fenders, PTO

660 diesel parts tractor

Model B, rear weights, complete but rusty

Highboy Sprayer built from an C tractor

Cub power unit

10-20 for parts

10-20, old repaint, sn. 190027 on full steel with extension rims and road steel

15-30 for parts

McCormick Deering W6 for parts

OLIVER - Return to Top

660 wide front, diesel, lights, hydraulics

60 Standard, belt pulley, rear tires 90%, flat lense headlights, restored and overhauled, pto, 4 speed, cut off fronts

440, straight unrestored tractor, incorrect front rims & tires, nearly new rear tires, pto, hydraulics, 3 point, not beat up - front axle and tire rod is nice!

1600 gas, 3 point, with the top link, front weights, narrow front, rear weights, tires are 20 percent

Super 66, gas, hydraulics, cast center wheels, tires 25%, hydro electric cylinder on the fenders, rear weights, rare factory option hand clutch

1655 gas wide front, 3 point, hydraulics, pto, over/under, stack and suitcase weights, power steering, center link, rear tires 40%, showing 3,000 hours, very sharp!

770 gas row crop, late model square grill, factory power steering, steps, hydraulics, deluxe seat, tires 30%

1555, gas, row crop, 3 point, hydraulics, power steering, tires 30%

70 Orchard, has points, correct seat and drawbar, missing side wheel covers

88 Diesel Standard, super straight


66 Diesel, narrow front, no side tin, loose

Old Styled 88 Row crop, missing one fender, solid cast wheels, fairly complete, but in need of restoration, rates a 4

Hart- Parr 18-28, fairly complete but rusty

Hart-Parr 28-44, complete but rust

66 Wide front, Pto, hydraulics, old repaint, straight sheet metal

Cletrac HG 68 all original paint, still has orange paint, starter, rear drive belt pulley, Incorrect transmission

88 row crop, rear tires 75 percent, original decals, missing side curtains, have front wheels scrapers, cultivator lift

0C46, series B serial number with blade, street grouser

80 wide front, steering shaft unassembled, good manifold

66, hydraulics, tires are 50%, pto, older repaint

Super 88 with 1800 motor, wide front, pto , lights, hydraulics

70 Industrial, cowl fenders, belt pulley, foot feed, side exhaust, original

99, old style, converted to LP, Char-Lynn power steering

60 row crop, fair, no side panels, 1 new tire

Super 77 parts tractor

Styled 70 parts

77 Row Crop with loader for parts

70 for parts

99 Framed front axle, engine block

70 for parts

Super 88 fairly complete but rough, has hydraulics

Super 77 with hydraulics, complete but rough

880 gas, hydraulics, steps, fairly complete but rough, manifold damaged

88 parts tractors, cast rear centers

88 for parts

ALLIS CHALMERS - Return to Top

WD45 Diesel, wide front, power adjust wheels, snap coupler hitch, pto, hydraulics, rear tires 50%

D-10, 3 point

Original 25-40 on full steel, all pin striped and still visible, great complete tractor, easy restoration

G, new tires, overhauled, new battery box, mechanical restoration

Unstyled WF, decent sheet metal on pressed steel wheels

D-15 narrow front, Series II, sheet metal good

United U, full steel, older restoration

Styled WF

Model E Thresherman’s Special

170 straight original tractor, spin out wheels, dual hydraulics, three point hitch, shows 5200 hours, gas, wide front, tires are 30 percent

WD, snap coupler 3 point conversion 12 volt, repainted, like new tires

1936 Unstyled WC on rear steel, old repaint, former pulling tractor with front weights

UC, pto, Wards power track tires on round spokes, complete tractor, straight

WC, belt pulley, tires 30%, rusty but straight

C Model D road grader fair condition, gas

CA, power adjust wheels, stuck

motor free, factory steel, no lugs

WD, older restoration

crawler, older restoration


C, belly mower, ready to use or restore, straight sheet metal

G, totally original with cultivators, solid tractor

B, older repaint on full steel

CA, older repaint on full steel

WC, older original tractor

Unstyled WC for parts

WD 45 Diesel for parts, including factory power steering

Unstyled WC fairly complete but rough

U Industrial fairly complete but rough

C fairly complete, block damaged

U for parts

Unstyled WC for parts

Styled WC for parts

Unstyled WC for parts

Unstyled WC fairly complete but rough

CASE - Return to Top

25-45 Model T Crossmotor, excellent tractor, no lugs, small repair on manifold but otherwise great manifold, original air cleaner and mag, older restoration, great tractor!

12-20 Crossmotor, complete, loose, good manifold, original air cleaner on steel

630, narrow front, power adjust wheels, 3 point, power steering, pto, hydraulics, rear weights

VAH high crop, eagle hitch, drawbar, no serial tag

730 wide front diesel, rear weights, 3 point, hydraulics, power steering

RC, Wards tires

RC, cast wheels, matching tires

830 Standard Wheatland, nice original tractor, rear wheel weights, lights, hydraulics, power steering, Caseomatic, rear rim rust damage

400 Diesel row crop, rear weights, lights, power steering, Eagle hitch

L, on full steel, lots of original paint, a great solid tractor

Model L old repaint

VAI, tires 75%, pto, sheet metal straight, has the brackets for a belly mount sickle mower 


C on cutoffs, solid original tractor, straight sheet metal, belt pulley

C for parts

DC for parts

DC for parts

SC fairly complete but rough

Rare DAI no tags, fairly complete but rough

DC for parts

L for parts

MASSEY - Return to Top


44 Special, nicely restored tractor on cast centers, good tires, hydraulics

22 narrow front, really complete but rust

30 Nice and straight, belt pulley, hydraulics, fenders and tires are 40 percent, still see original decals

44 standard, great fenders, belt pulley, original Firestone connected treads, rear tires 40 percents, lights

22 wide front, lights, 3 point, nice straight original

101, side shields


44 Wide Front, Pto, hydraulics, rates a 4

22, Narrow front, serial number 7857, complete but rust

44 for parts

33 wide front, pto, hydraulics, belt pulley, fairly complete but rough


335 gas, sn. 10401277, 3 point, rear tires 60%, repaired front tie rods, hydraulics, older restoration, runs

5 Star Diesel, power steering, wide front, 3 point, very nice original paint tractor

670 wide front, LP, fenders, lights, deluxe seat, pto, hydraulics, 3 point, power steering, good original tractor!

U302 Super, excellent tractor that was used on the farm, front weights, spin out wheels, power steering, hydraulics, 3 point, fenders, good tires, nice outfit!

Model BF Wide front, belt pulley, pto, hydraulics, like new rear tires with loader, very nice original tractor, can see original details

UB, serial number 09700249, UB special, straight original tractor Belt pulley, original paint and decals

445 gas, serial number 10200876, 3 point hitch, bullet tail light, all original, original paint, unrestored, tires are miss matched

Jet Star LP, narrow front, 3 point, 40% tires

G900 gas, wide front, 3 point, hydraulics, nice 16.9x38’s, showing 3287 hours, straight, power steering, Ampli-Torq

BF, narrow front, hydraulic lift, belt pulley, pto, lights, rear tires 70%, sn. 2147718

M5, gas, sn. 17102797, wide front, deluxe fenders & seat, pto, hydraulics, power steering, nice tractor

UTC high crop, LP gas, sn. there but unreadable, rusty

G1000 Diesel, good sheet metal, wheatland fenders

GVI LP gas, straight sheet metal, power steering

705 LP

445 row crop, gas, unrestored, 1 new rear tire, rear weights, lights, hydraulics, 3 point, power steering, nice old original!

RTU, nice restored tractor on pressed steel wheels, lights, fenders and more!

Red nosed U standard, belt pulley, pto, excellent original fenders, still has original paint, straight original!

red nosed UTU, cast center wheels, tires 50%, straight fenders

R, narrow front, complete, good 9.5 x 36 tires

UTS, older restoration

G, straight


ZTU, electric start, older repaint, 40% rubber, fenders, lights, belt pulley, pto, aftermarket seat

ZAU complete, narrow front, tires are weather checked, hydraulics

M5 gas, narrow front,  PTO, hydraulics, power steering

Z parts tractor, converted to LP

model JT for parts

U for parts

ZB for parts

ZB fairly complete for parts

Z on full steel, complete but rust

Z rough, fairly complete

ZTU, fairly complete but rough

 Big Mo 400 Industrial, rare, low production tractor, US Army Corp of Engineers, restored

OTHERS - Return to Top

Rare Wards Tractor with 6 cylinder Chrysler Industrial engine, dual exhaust, original Wards power track rear tires, rear weights, belt pulley, hydraulics, Pto, great original tractor, straight sheet metal, Serial Number 1670 manufactured In Joliet, Illinois by Lowther Company

Huber Modern Farmer LC serial number 1327, cut tires, deluxe seat,  Waukesha motor, old repaint

Gibson Super D with hood and steering wheel with tires

Wallace 20-30, pto, belt pulley, full steel, older restoration, complete, shaded for many years

Fordson on rubber with after market canopy and after market manifold, and carburetor

BF Avery Model A single front wheel, 1 bad rim, rear mount belt pulley, original tractor

Twin Row, rear weights, pto, belt pulley, needs tires

Caterpillar D2, straight, original

Caterpillar D-6

Caterpillar gas crawler

Caterpillar D2 Diesel

Cockshutt 770 gas Standard, pto, belt pulley, rear tires 30%, Wheatland platform, restored and runs

Cockshutt Cockshutt 30 standard, older restoration, belt pulley, tires are 50%

Cockshutt 70 Standard, nice repaint on full steel with extension, lights and belt pulley, nice tractor!

Cockshutt 20 widefront, good tires, rear wheel weights, nice restoration

Cockshutt Hart Parr 28-44

BF Avery Model V, pto, original Wards tires

Ferguson Hi-40, power shift wheels, hydraulics, 3 point, new rear tires, 13.6x38, under slung exhaust, restored - rare!

Ford 900, narrow front, standard transmission, air cleaner, 3 point, hydraulics, underslung exhaust

Ford 900, standard transmission with original Dearborn two row mounted picker - neat set!

Ford 841, original tractor, hydraulics, 3 point, good tires, ready to use or show!

Ford straight tractor

Ford 8N

Gibson Model D, older restoration, with push blade

Yanmar YM240 Diesel, sn. 2TRTOA, underslung exhaust, showing 698 hours

David Bradley Tri-Trac


General Terms:

Terms of the Auction: Cash or good check with proper ID. Please bring a bank letter of guarantee for purchases over $10,000. Information is subject to change. All lots are sold as is, where is, with all faults, imperfections and errors of description. Due diligence is the responsibility of the bidder/buyer. All sales are final. Purchases may be removed upon receipt of payment in full. Buyers assume complete responsibility for care of each purchase at time of sale. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. All statements made prior to the sale of any item take precedence over written material and any prior verbal statements. Not responsible for accidents, thefts, errors or omissions.

On-line Bidding Terms: 5% Buyer’s Premium for Internet Bidders.

1. Aumann Auctions has put forth every effort in preparing the catalog for this auction to provide accurate descriptions of all items. All property is sold \"as-is\" and it is the bidder’s responsibility to determine the exact condition of each item. Printed statements or descriptions by staff are provided in good faith and are matters of opinion. Absolutely NO refunds after a 10-day-inspection period!

2. FOR LIVE INTERNET BIDDING: There is a 5% Buyer\'s Premium added to the total.

3. All accounts must be settled at the conclusion of the auction. We accept Visa & MasterCard ONLY. Your credit card will be charged for your purchases, plus buyer’s premiums, and any taxes. A pre-auction authorization will be performed to establish available credit. Debit cards may show a hold on funds for a short period of time. NOTHING will be charged to your card until a purchase is made.

4. The auction company through the United States Postal Service or United Parcel Service can arrange packing and shipping. Packing and shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer and may be quoted before shipping. Fragile or large items will be shipped by a professional shipping company and may result in higher shipping costs. All items will be insured for the purchase price. Our first priority is to deliver your new purchase in excellent condition.

5. Our on-line auctions move quickly! If you are interested in an item, bid quickly. If you win

an item in the auction you will be notified by email. In order to have enough time to conduct authorizations, registration must be completed at least 24 hours in advance of the auction. If it is a multiple day event, 24 hours prior to the first day of the auction. If the day before an auction falls on a holiday or weekend, the deadline is the day before the holiday or the Friday prior to the auction.

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8. The auctioneer has the sole discretion to advance the bidding and may reject a nominal advance, should it in his estimation prove injurious to the auction. The auctioneer shall be the final judge in all bidding disputes and shall name a bidder as the purchaser.

9. The auction company shall not be held responsible for any \"missed\" bids or bids unseen by the auctioneer.

10. All sales are final.

11. By bidding on any item, the bidder shows acceptance of the terms of the auction.

12. The auction company reserves the right to refuse service to any person.

13. All announcements made day of auction take precedence over any and all written or verbal statements.

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