Paul Hale Collection

by Aumann Auctions, Inc.


October 20, 2012 Ending October 20th, 6:00 p.m. Central


ONLINE ONLY AUCTION 25492 Kings Road Tecumseh, OK


Online Only


Paul put together a small collection, long on the rare and unusual! I can't think of another auction that has had TWO MINNEAPOLIS MOLINE UDLX's in the same auction! That, along with a Waterloo Boy, Oliver 77 Orchard, Rumely Oil Pull, Massey GP Four Wheel Drives - LOTS of great, rare tractors. This is an ONLINE ONLY auction - bid away from where ever you are!

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We’ve never had the opportunity to sell two of these great tractors in one auction!  If you’ve been chasing one of these elusive tractors for years, this auction may be the best chance you’ve ever had!

Previews will take place on Saturday the 29th of September from 9 - 5
Pickup for all items will take place on October, 27th and 28th from 9 - 5
The address is 25492 Kings Road Tecumseh, OK 74873
If you have any questions about finding the preview/pickup location please call Greg at 405-517-1178.



1948 Allis-Chalmers G with Cultivators Runs, Restored, S# C144, Fenders, Cultivators, Goodyear rears 7.2-30 like new, Armstrong Fronts 4.00-12 70% tread

1953 Allis-Chalmers Model B Runs, Restored, Gas, S# B12305, Fenders, Belt pulley, PTO, Wide front, Firestone 9.5-24 Rears Like new rubber, Harvest King Front rubber 4.00-15 80% Tread, Welded clutch pedal


1952 Case LA-LP Runs, Restored, LP, S# 5614313, Wide front, Hydraulics, PTO, Belt pulley, Fenders, Alliance rears 15.9/14-30 Like new rubber, Agri-Master fronts 7.50-18 90% Tread

Rare! 1918 Case Model 10-18 Crossmotor Runs, Restored, S# 21096, on steel, parade rubber on rear, broken fan blade, hand crank, 13 HP

Case VAC Runs, Restored, Gas, Narrow front, Lights, PTO, Belt pulley, Fenders, All Purpose Tractor Rears 11.2-28 Like New, Deestone Fronts 5-15 95% tread


Ford 901 Select-O-Speed Runs, Restored, Gas, Lights, Fenders, PTO, 3 Point (Missing Top Link) Power Steering, Narrow front, Rekord 11-28 Rears 85% Tread, Deestone 5.5-16 Fronts 80% Tread, Select-O-Speed Shifter does not display correctly.

Ford Ferguson 30 Runs, Restored, Lights, Fenders, PTO, 3 Point no top link, Cambridge 11.2-28 Rears Like New, Like New Deestone 4.00-19 Fronts, Has Umbrella mount with umbrella.

Fordson Runs, Restored, Fenders, Front and rear cut offs, Aftermarket mag, East One 12.4-24 Rears 95% Tread, East One 6.5-16 Fronts 90% Tread.


Gibson Super D with steering wheel Runs, Restored, S# 145-3, 1 bottom plow, hand crank, Like new Harvest Kings 8.3-24, 70% fronts Goodyear 4.00- 12


1937 International Farmall F-12 Runs, Restored, S# FS91057, Single front, PTO, F&H Round spoke rear rims, Like new Traction Field and Road Rubber 9.5-36, Temco front rubber 7.5-10SL Like New

1947 International Farmall M Runs, Original, LP, S# FBK-126206 X1, Narrow front, Rear weights, PTO, All Purpose Tractor rears 15.3-38 60% Tread weather checked, Harvest King Fronts, 7.5-16SL 70% Tread, Eng # 724776

1948 International Harvester Cub with Belly Mower Runs, Restored, S# 18671, Belly mower, Wide front, rear weights, Goodyear turf rear 8.3-24 80%, Goodyear fronts 4.0-12 weather checked 50%,

International Farmall 0-6 Orchard Original, S#20408,

International Farmall H Runs, Restored, Gas, S# FBH 87355, Narrow front, Lights, PTO,   1 Set of rear weights, Uniroyal 11.2-28 Rears 70% Tread, Gateway 6.00-16 Fronts 60% Tread

International Farmall H Runs, Restored, S# FBH 50901, Narrow front, Lights, PTO, 2 Sets of rear weights, Firestone 11.2-28 Rears Like new, Firestone 6.00-16

McCormick-Deering 15-30 Runs, Restored, S# TG 59323, Full steel with rear extensions, Belt pulley

John Deere:

1941 John Deere LA Runs, restored, SN# 4025, rear weights, 1 Bottom plow (mechanical lift), hand crank, Kelly 10-24 rears 60% tread, like new Firestone 4.00-15 fronts.


1952 John Deere MT Runs, restored, gas, SN# 36147, fenders, belt pulley, PTO, Touch-O-Matic Hydraulic controls, new seat cushion, like new Titan 11.2/10-34 rears, like new East one 5.0-15SL fronts


1939 John Deere H Runs, restored, SN# 5457, narrow front, cast front wheels, pressed steel rear wheels, PTO,   Wico mag., like new Firestone 9.5-32 rears, like new Firestone 4.00-15 fronts,


1941 John Deere H Runs, restored, SN# 22879, narrow front, cast front wheels, pressed steel rear wheels, PTO,   Wico mag, like new Alliance 9.0-32 rears, like new Harvest King 4.00-15 fronts,


1948 John Deere B Runs, restored, gas, SN# 232519, narrow front, pressed steel rims, lights, PTO, hydraulics,   Wico mag, like new BF Goodrich 11.2-38 rears, like new Deestone 6.00-16 fronts


1940 John Deere styled A Runs, restored, gas, SN# 497300 styled, PTO, pressed steel rims, BF Goodrich 11.2-38 rears 95% tread, DeeStone 6.00-16 fronts 95% tread


1935 John Deere D Runs, restored, SN# 122993, steel wheels with parade rubber, PTO, round and flat spokes


John Deere 720 LP Runs, restored, LP, missing tag, adjustable wide front, HC, lights, PTO, 3 Point (missing top link), power Steering, new Seat, Titan 13.6-38 rears 90% tread, Harvest King 6.00-16SL fronts 70% tread.


1956 John Deere 420-TRuns, restored, gas, SN# 88065, pressed steel rims, lights, PTO, 3 Point no top link, new cushions, like new Armstrong 11.2/10-34 rears, Armstrong 5.00-15SL fronts 70% tread


1960 John Deere 435 Diesel Runs, restored, SN# 437277, adjustable wide front, lights, fenders ,PTO, hydraulics, 3 Point no missing top link, GM engine, pressed steel rims, like new East one 13.6-28 rears, East one 6.00-16 fronts 95% tread


1950 John Deere styled G Runs, restored, gas, SN# 42092, styled, narrow front, cast rear rims, pressed steel front rims, hydraulics, PTO, lights,     Co op 13.6-38 rears, like new Titan 6.00-16 fronts,


1951 John Deere G Original, gas, SN# 50132, styled, narrow front, cast rims, hydraulics, PTO, Wico, like new Alliance 14.9-32 rears, like new East one 6-16SL fronts.


1941 John Deere unstyled G Runs, restored, gas, SN# 10741, unstyled, narrow front, cast rear rims, pressed steel front rims, PTO, Wico, like new Alliance 11.9/13-38 rears, Co op 6.00-16 fronts 90% tread


1938 John Deere GP unstyled B Runs, restored, gas, SN# 56446, PTO, fenders, round spoke front rims, flat spoke rear rims, Lugs,


1952 John Deere G Original, SN# 55849, gas, PTO, hydraulics, like new Alliance rears,

Massey Harris:

Massey Harris GP 4 Wheel Drive Runs, Restored, "row crop" steel, parade rubber, welded water pump, PTO, Engine overhauled, Belt pulley


Minneapolis Moline:

Minneapolis Moline UDLX Runs, Restored, S# 310515, Heater, Radio, Headlights, Search lamp, 232X Miles, Harvest 13.5-32 95% Tread, Super Rib 6.00-16SL 80% tread.

Minneapolis Moline UDLX Runs, Restored, S# 310606, Heater, Search Lamp, Headlights, 351X Miles, Radio, Harvest 13.5-32 Rears 95% Tread, Farm Service 6.00-16SL Fronts 90% Tread

Minneapolis Moline UTS Runs, Restored, Gas, S# 125000975, Eng# 195002817, Wide front, Fenders, Lights, PTO,   Alliance 16.9/14-30 rears 95% tread, Goodyear 7.5-16 fronts 50%


Oliver 70 Row Crop Runs, Restored, Gas, S# 242903, Lights, Fenders, PTO, Belt pulley, New seat, Kleber 9.5-40S3 Rears Like new, Farm King 6.5-16 fronts 95% Tread, Missing One Light,

Oliver 70 wide front with Raby cab Runs, Restored, Gas, S# 227787B, Adjustable wide front, PTO, Cab, Lights, Belt pulley, Like new BKT 13.6-36 Rears, Treadura 5.50-16 fronts Like new.

Oliver 77 Orchard Runs, Restored, Gas, Full orchard sheet metal, PTO, Firestone 14.9-26 rears 90% tread, Firestone 7.5-16 fronts Like new

Oliver Cletrac HG on Steel Runs, Old Repaint, Gas, Fenders, On steel


1926 Rumley Oil Pull 15-25 Runs, Restored, S# 1740, on steel, parade rubber on rear, Solid flywheel

Waterloo Boy:

Waterloo Boy Model N automotive steer Runs, S# N/A, Rubber lugs, AERO mag. , Round spoke front rims, Flat spoke rear rims, good gearing, has crank




Terms of the Auction: 5% Buyers Premium with a 5% discount for those who pay by cash or check. Information is subject to change. All lots are sold as is, where is, with all faults, imperfections and errors of description. Due diligence is the responsibility of the

bidder/buyer. All sales are final. No credit card charge backs will be allowed.

Purchases may be removed upon receipt of payment in full. Buyers assume complete responsibility for care of each purchase at time of sale. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. All statements made prior to the sale of any item take precedence over written material and any prior verbal statements. The auction company is not responsible for accidents, thefts, errors or omissions.

1. Catalog: Aumann Auctions has put forth every effort in preparing the catalog for this auction to provide accurate descriptions of all items. All property is sold 'as-is' and it is

the bidder's responsibility to determine the exact condition of each item. Printed statements or descriptions by staff are provided in good faith and are matters of opinion.

2. Payments: All accounts must be settled at the conclusion of the auction. We accept Visa & MasterCard ONLY. Your credit card will be charged for your purchases, plus buyer's premiums, and any taxes. If you are paying by cash at pickup - YOU MUST NOTIFY the auction company upon receiving your invoice. A pre-auction authorization may be performed to establish available credit. Debit cards may show a hold on funds for a short period of time. NOTHING will be charged to your card until a purchase is made. Each attempt necessary from our office to collect insufficient funds will have a $25 fee imposed. Note: Checks may be processed the day of the auction; be sure to have adequate funds in your


4. Pickups: If you wish to pickup your items, please make arrangements at least one business day prior to your pickup. If you are paying by cash at pickup - YOU MUST NOTIFY the auction company upon receiving your invoice. If you pickup at an auction location or by another arrangement it is also your responsibility to check the contents of the package in the company of an Aumann Employee. We will not be held responsible for damaged or missing pieces once the package is in possession of the bidder. It's your responsibility to review your

purchases and their condition.

5. Bids cannot be retracted once they have been placed. You are given two opportunities to make sure you are ready to place your bid.

6. Storage: A minimum charge of $10 per week storage fee for items that are held over 14 days. In addition to the storage fee, the buyer is still responsible for paying labor costs to prepare your items for pickup. Items left after 30 days will be forfeited and become the possession of Aumann Auctions.

7. Forfeited items may be resold by Aumann Auctions and the original buyer will be responsible for expenses associated with the sale of the item and any shortfall that may occur.

8. Registration: In order to better serve our customers, all bidders must provide their name, address, daytime phone number, and email address at which they can be contacted. This is to insure good communication between Aumann Auctions, Inc. and the bidder throughout any transactions.

9. Unpaid Balances: The purchaser agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees and costs incurred by the auction company in the collection of funds. The purchaser also agrees that a fee of 2% per month be added to the balance of any unpaid balance due the auction company and any other costs or losses incurred by the purchaser's failure to adhere to these terms. Any debt collection or dispute proceedings will be heard in Montgomery County, Illinois. In the event items are not paid for, items may be resold by Aumann Auctions and the original buyer will be responsible for expenses associated with the sale of the item and any shortfall that may occur.

10. Bidding: The auctioneer has the sole discretion to advance the bidding and may reject a nominal advance, should it in his estimation prove injurious to the auction. The auctioneer shall be the final judge in all bidding disputes , bidding increments and shall name a bidder as the purchaser. The auction company shall not be held responsible for any 'missed' bids or bids unseen by the auctioneer or due to failure of software, internet connection or any reason. By bidding on any item, the bidder shows acceptance of the terms of the


11. All sales are final.

12. The auction company reserves the right to refuse service to any person. All announcements made day of auction or emailed to registered bidders ahead of the end of the auction take precedence over any and all written or verbal statements.

13. All items must be removed from premises within two weeks or storage charges will apply. Any item left for any amount of time is at the buyer's risk. The owner or auction company assume no risk.

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