The Legendary Jim Erdle Collection - Sunday

by Aumann Auctions, Inc.


September 22, 2013 10:00 a.m. Eastern


The Jim Erdle Collection - Sunday 5071 Parrish St. Canandaigua, NY


Live / Online


It is our extreme honor to conduct this auction for one of the Pioneers of the Hobby, Mr. Jim Erdle. This is one of the top tractor collections in the entire world. There are so many rarities present that making a list that would highlight the best items was nearly impossible - it's all that good! <br> <br> Sunday will feature nearly 150 parts and project tractors, steel wheels and implements.<br> <br> Preview Day - September 19th, 2013

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We Are Honored To Present To You
The Jim Erdle Collection
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Featured Tractors - Over 125 Tractors Selling!

Project and Parts Tractors

Wallis Cub Jr; Allis Chalmers A; (3) International Harvester 8-16 Juniors, Slope Nose, both early and late, in various states of repair; Lanz Bulldog, Original, Full steel; Lanz Bulldog 2816, sn. 331933, Original; Buffalo Springfield roller; Case 10-18 cross motor; Case 15-27 Cross Motor; Economy; Graham Bradley Row Crop, missing side panels; Eagle 6B; Empire Tractors; Friday Orchard, sn. 125495, restored, no seat, rare, with headlights; Huber HR, Original, Full steel, elec start, sn. 8535; Huber, SN 9326; Huber DKR (18-36), sn. 10686, Loose, Original, Factory Rd Rear, Cut off fronts; Huber 40-62, fairly complete, patched block, needs manifold, been sitting outside, Duplex Radiator; Huber L, sn. 11414, Original; Huber Modern Farmer, sn. 10778, Original, full steel; Fageol Parts Tractor; Fageol Tractor; MH 4x4, sn. 302643, Loose, Original, full steel with/ext; Massey Harris General Purpose 4 Wheel Drive on skeleton steel, needs a radiator; Massey Harris GP Four Wheel Drive, older restoration on steel, no lugs; MM JTO; Moline Universal D; Sheppard Diesel SD-3; Rumely Do-All, 4-whl; Samson M; Buffalo Springfield Gas Roller; Caterpillar Holt 2 ton, original decals still visible, nice complete unit; 37 Allis Chalmers UC, Original, Factory Rounds, Belt Pulley, Power Lift, Power Take Off; Allis Chalmers IB, old repaint, not running; AC 20-35; 37 Case R, sn. 4230333, Loose, Older Repaint; English Fordsons; English Fordson; Hart Parr 18-36; Hart Parr 18-36; Several Fordsons including older repaints on sand wheels, one with the Moline Cultivating attachment, early loaders, etc.; Gibson Super D, Loose, Repainted, small 4 wheeler std tread w/ steering wheel; (2) IH W-12's; Irish Fordson , sn. 7645623, , Front cut offs rubber, stl rear, older repaint; Coop; JD AO; (2) JD AR's; MH Pacemaker, sn. 107854, Original, Full steel; Massey Harris 101 Twin Power, Loose, Original, On full steel; MM TC, FTA; Minneapolis Moline JTS, sn. 600045, missing hood, rough, full steel; Oliver 18-28; Oliver 60 Std; Oliver 90 STD; (3) Silver Kings; Brockway, hydraulic lift; Brockway, tires are flat, fenders are bent, older repaint; Buick truck, frame & motor; Case 300; (2) Case RC's; Case RC – Sunburst Grill; Cat 10 crawler; Cletrac W, sn. 110970, loose, restored, nice; Cockshutt/Hart Parr 18-28; Hart Parr 18-27, wide front, SN 105075B; JD  B, Unstyled; JD A, Styled; JD B, Unstyled; (2) JD D's; Massey Harris 12-20 chassis; Massey Harris 20-30, SN 66430; (3) MM Twin City JT's; Wallis 10-20; Wallis 12-20, sn. 10456, Miss. Man & Carb.  Cut off Rubber; Wallis 12-20; Wallis 20-30; Waterloo Bronco, missing rear wheels; Minneapolis Twin City KTA, parts tractor,; AC C, sn. 51775; Case D Standard, 5102453; Case S, sn. 4713920 S, original, full steel; Case C; Case C; Case C; Case CC; Case DC; Cletrac BG crawler, 38 gauge; (7) Farmall F-20's; (5) Farmall F-12's; (2) Farmall F-14; (6) Farmall Regulars; (3) McCormick 10-20's; (2) McCormick 15-30's; (4) McCormick W-30's; MM Z; MM ZTU; Schram air compressor, stationary; Stationary Climax Engine KU; The Thomas Mower; B F Avery Model V, sn. 4V109, unrestored; B Farmall, Parts; BF Avery Tractor;

Steel Wheels

Rumely Do All Fronts; Rumely 15-30 Fronts; 30-50 Rumely Extension Rims; Oliver Hart-Parr Fronts; Rock Island Fronts; Fordson Cast Fronts; John Deere A Rears; Case C Rear Dual Skeleton; Allis Chalmers UC Rear; McCormick 15-30/22-36 Fronts and Rears; Oliver Hart-Parr Rears; Allis Chalmers WC w/ Rear Extensions; Farmall Regular Skeleton w/over Tire; McCormick 10-20 Rears; F20/10-20 Road Bands; Farmall F30 Rears; Minneapolis Moline JT Rears; Oliver Hart-Parr Rears


McCormick Bat Wing Binder; Robinson Hay Press 17x20; 10 Horse Power Sweep; The Search Horizontal Horse Power  Sheboygan Falls, NY; Frick 20-34 Thresher Wood Frame; Case 17-22 Baler SE engine, Nice original decals; Bidwell Threshing Machine Wood Frame, Metal Sides, Factory air rims; IH 2-btm plow; IH 2-btm plow; IH 4-btm plow; Oliver 2-btm plow

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