Early Iron Antique Tractor Auction

by Aumann Auctions, Inc.


May 09, 2015 Live Auction Starts at 10:00 a.m. Central


Lathrop Antique Club Showgrounds 2488 S.E. Hwy. 33 Lathrop, MO


Live / Online


This is going to be a great auction! Many tractors on this auction are very meticulous restorations with a heavy emphasis on the mechanics - many excellent runners! This will be a fun auction and one of the only Early Iron auctions so far this year!

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Early Iron Antique Tractor Auction

Auction on May 9th starting at 10 A.M.

Preliminary Listing!  Please Check Back for Updates!


International Model 15-30 "Flaming Four"--Runs, Great restoration, Lugs and Skid rings, KW magneto,

1921 International Model 10-20 Titan--#75087, Restored, Runs, Clutch pulley, Lugs and skid rings, KW magneto

International Model 10-20 Titan Tractor --Older Restoration, Runs, Brass carburetor, New rings and valve job, 2 sets of lugs, KW magneto

1929 Hart Parr Model 12-24 --#41318, Restored, Runs, Rare factory canopy, Lugs, Cast front wheels, Round spoke rear wheels

Oil Pull Model 15-25 L --#921, Restored, Runs, Parade rubber

Ford 8N Motor Road Maintainer--Rare! Runs, Restored, Engine overhauled, Like new rear tires 

Great Ford Tractor Neon Sign-- Working condition, Nice, Double Sided

1919 Moline Universal D --#22681 Restored, Runs, Rubber lugs, 4-cylinder, Lights, Belt pulley, Delco ignition

1927 Case Model 12-20 --#63505, Runs, Restored, Parade rubber, Bosch magneto, Radiator screen

1929 Allis Chalmers E 20-35 --#22078, Restored, Runs, Lugs and skid rings, Hard to find Kerosene model

1927 Hart Parr Model 18-36 G --#28774, Restored, Runs, Round spoke wheels, Lugs and skid rings

1928 Minneapolis Model 17-30--Restored, Runs, Lugs and skid rings

Ford Model 740 Sweeper Tractor --Runs, Standard Steel Works; Kansas City, MO, New hoses, Sweeper works

Hart Parr Model 18-36 Tractor --SN# 27963, Older restoration, Round spoke rears, Lugs, 3 speed

Hart Parr Model 28-50 Tractor --SN# 71234, Canopy, Older restoration, Rear extensions, Cast front wheels

Twin City Model 20-35 Tractor --SN# 3557, Original Kansas tractor, New clutch, New sleeves, Lugs, Skid rings

1927 Twin City Model 17-28 --#23724, Restored, Runs, Skid rings

Hart Parr/ Oliver Model 18-27 Tractor --SN# 101940, Older restoration, Rear steel, Single front rubber wheel, Fenders

Case Model 18-32 Tractor --SN# 57672, Older restoration, Lugs and Skid rings, Wooden seat, Bosch magneto

Ford Model 541 Offset--Runs, Restored

Ford Model 2000 Offset--Runs, Restored, Engine overhauled, Partial set of cultivators

Ford 8N with Funk Conversion--Runs, Restored, Side rail conversion kit, Engine overhaul, Like new tires

Ford Model 860/881 with Mounted Picker--Runs, Old restoration, Diesel, Power steering, Picker is original, Select-o-speed was replaced with 5 speed, 2 stage clutch

Allis Chalmers Model G --Runs, Restored

1930 John Deere Unstyled D --#96766 Nice original, Runs, Parade band, Lugs,

Gibson Model D--Original, Mechanical lift front mount blade

1936 F-12 Farmall--#F562248, Restored, Runs, Belt pulley,

Case Model S Tractor --SN# 5102828, Original, New rings and valve job, Belt pulley, PTO, Rear wheel weights, Rebuilt carburetor

1929 McCormick Deering 10-20--#KC104594, Restored, Runs, Belt pulley, On full steel

Allis Chalmers Model C --Original, Runs

Case Model RC Tractor --SN# 320995, Older restoration, Belt pulley, Continental engine, PTO, Drawbar

1930 CC Case--#327370, Runs, Restored, Full steel, Lugs and skid rings

John Deere Model B Tractor --Brass Tag B, Older restoration, On steel, Lugs

Case Model CC Tractor --SN# C360844, Original, Belt pulley, PTO, On full steel

1945 John Deere Model H--#50812, Restored, Runs, Hand start, Rear wheel weights

1936 W-30 McCormick Deering --#WB13680, Restored, Runs, On full steel, Lugs and skid rings

1937 F20 Narrow Tread--#FA100992, Restored, Runs, Round spoke rear wheels, Like new rear tires

Ford Model 8n Tractor --Old repaint, New battery, PTO, 3point, Fenders, Lights, Armstrong 6-16 and Maxitrac 13.6-28

F-12 on Full Steel, runs, older restoration, sn. FS90335

International I-6 with pintle hitch, sn. 7215

Case L on steel, older restoration, sn. L356272

Case LA, older restoration on propane with canopy, sn. 322110LA

John Deere A, 1941 Slant Dash, all original, sn. 504690

Oliver 77, older restoration, running, sn. 342766077

McCormick Deering W-9, older restoration, sn. 655W1D

Gas Engine

The American Boy Gas Engine-- 1.5hp, Restored, Ice cream maker setup, White Mountain 6qt, Battery and Coil



Moline Universal 2 Bottom Plow

John Deere No. 5 Sickle Mower- Restored

Buzz Saw for F-20


Rebuilt Magnetos


--Model HK- 4 cylinder

--Model T- 2 cylinder

--Model T- 4 cylinder

American Bosch

--Model MJA 4 cylinder

--Model MJA 6 cylinder

-- Model DU 6 cylinder-Brass Base

-- Model DU 4 cylinder-No impulse

-- Model DU 4 cylinder

-- Model DU 4 cylinder

-- Model AT 4 cylinder

-- Model AT 4 cylinder

-- Model MJC 6 cylinder-Brass Base

-- Model MJC 6 cylinder-Flange mount

-- Model FU 4 cylinder

Splitdorf – 2 cylinder

Fairbanks Morse

-- Model FMJ 6 cylinder

-- Model FMJ 4 cylinder

-- Model FMJ 4 cylinder


-- Model X 4 cylinder-Base mount

-- Model S 2 cylinder


-- Model H 4 cylinder

-- Model H 4 cylinder

-- Model H 4 cylinder- Off set

-- Model E 4 cylinder

-- Model E 4 cylinder

-- Model F 4 cylinder



Kingston Model E- Dual 5 Ball- Fits 25-50 Avery

Kingston 5 Ball – Fits 22-45 Aultman Taylor

Kingston 5 Ball - Fits 22-44 Minneapolis

Rebuilt Moline Universal Carburetor

Rebuilt Early John Deere D Brass Carburetor


Tractor, Engine and Implement Literature

1921 Avery Full Line Catalog, 1922 Avery Full Line Catalog, 1919 Avery Full Line Catalog; Best Tracklayer 60 Tractor Catalog;  Minneapolis 17-30 Instruction Book; Tractor Quondom book, Hart Parr Maual of Instructions; Wallis 20-30 Repair Parts List; Mogul Engine Instruction book, MM FTA Repair Manual; TC 21-32 Repair Manual and Instruction Book; JD A Operators Manual; Avery Company Letterhead; Case 10-18 Manual; Avery Tractor Instruction Book; Minneapolis Power Farming Machinery Catalog; Port Huron Factory Catalog; TC 17-28 Catalog; Wallis 20-30 Catalog; Aultman Taylor Full Line Catalog; Allis Chalmers Model WD Instruction Book;  Chilton Tractor Journal; Farmall 460 and 560; Nebraska Farmer Magazines; American Thresher Magazines; Jensales Manuals for Aultman Taylor 25-50, Rumely 15-25L, Moline Universal D, Rumely 20-35M; Reproduction 10-20 Titan, Hart Parr and Rumley L Tractor Instructions; John Deere 227 Corn Picker Literature; Long Augers; Case Farm Wagons; John Deere No. 5 Power Mower Foldout; Case Wire Tie Bailer; John Deere Grain Drill; New Holand Mowers; Cockshutt Harvester Combine; Album of Historical Steam Tractor Engines and Threshing Equipment;  De Soto Literature; Cushman Engines


Other Parts

Minneapolis Model 22-44 Engine - Nearly Complete, Apart

Many original magnetos, carburetors and lubricators!

Rebuilt Madison Kipp 6 Feed Oiler- Fits Hart Parr

Rebuilt Manzel 4 Feed Oiler- Fits Oil Pull

Glass Covers For Madison Kipp Oilers

Rebuilt Hart Parr Priming Cups

F-12 Rear Steel

9 Spark plugs for 10-20 Titan or 15-30 International 

Madison Kipp 18 Feed Mechanical Feed Lubricator 

Clipper No. 8 Belt Lacer 










CATALOG: Aumann Auctions has put forth every effort in preparing the catalog for this auction to provide accurate descriptions of all items. All lots are sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS, with all faults, imperfections and errors of description. Due diligence is the responsibility of the bidder/buyer. Printed statements or descriptions by staff are provided in good faith and are matters of opinion.

PAYMENTS: All sales are final. All accounts must be settled at the conclusion of the auction. No credit card charge backs will be allowed. We accept Cash, Checks, Visa and MasterCard ONLY. Your credit card will be charged for your purchases, plus a 5% Credit Card Fee, plus any applicable taxes. Note: Checks may be processed the day of the auction; be sure to have adequate funds in your account. Each transaction necessary to collect insufficient funds will have a $25 fee imposed in addition to the liability of the Default of Buyer below.

DEFAULT OF BUYER: Successful bidder not paying for items at the end of the auction will be considered in default. Such default by the Successful Bidder will result in that Bidders liability to both the Seller and Aumann Auctions, Inc. Seller shall have the right to (a) declare this contractual agreement cancelled and recover full damage for its breach, (b) to elect to affirm this contractual agreement and enforce its specific performance or (c) Seller can resell the items either publicly or privately with Aumann Auctions, Inc. and in such an event, the Buyer shall be liable for payment of any deficiency realized from the second sale plus all costs, including, but not limited to the holding/transporting/storage costs of the items, the expenses of both sales, legal and incidental damages of both the Seller and Aumann Auctions, Inc. In addition, Aumann Auctions, Inc. also reserves the right to recover any damages separately from the breach of the Buyer. The purchaser agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees and costs incurred by Aumann Auctions, Inc. in the collection of funds. The purchaser also agrees that a storage/handling fee of 2% per month be added to the balance of any unpaid balance due Aumann Auctions, Inc. and any other costs or losses incurred by the Buyers failure to adhere to these terms. Any debt collection or dispute proceedings will be litigated or arbitrated in Montgomery County, Illinois at the option of both the Seller and Aumann Auctions, Inc.

Both the Successful Bidder and Seller shall indemnify Aumann Auctions, Inc. for and hold harmless Aumann Auctions, Inc. from any costs, losses, liabilities, or expenses, including attorney fees resulting from Aumann Auctions, Inc. being named as a party to any legal action resulting from either Bidders or Sellers failure to fulfill any obligations and undertakings as set forth in this contractual agreement.

CONDUCT OF THE AUCTION: Conduct of the auction and increments of bidding are at the direction and discretion of Aumann Auctions, Inc. Aumann Auctions, Inc. reserves the right to reject any and all bids for any reason and also reserves the right to cancel this auction, or remove any item or lot from this auction prior to the close of bidding. All decisions of Aumann Auctions are final.

Your bid on this auction indicates both an understanding and an acceptance of the terms of this contractual agreement between yourself and both Aumann Auctions, Inc. and the Seller and that you, as the Bidder, are prepared to purchase items under these terms and conditions.

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