Stewart Antique Tractor Auction - Over 200 Tractors!!!

by Aumann Auctions, Inc.


June 26th & 27th, 2015 Live Auction Starts at 10:00 a.m. Both Days Central


Bill Stewart Collection 8722 Cain Road Corcoran, MN


Live / Online


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Stewart Antique Tractor Auction - Over 230 Tractors!!!

HUGE 2 Day Auction!

LIVE Auction on June 26th and 27th @10AM Both Days

Selling Friday – OVER 45 Parts Tractors, Implements, OVER 100 Pallets of Tractor Parts and Over 75 Rebuilt Carburetors & Magnetos.

(Click here to view Friday's photos)

Selling Saturday – Complete Tractors, Vehicles and Motorcycles

Online Bidding Available for Saturday Auction!

Bill bought many of these tractors out of Canada in the early days of collecting.  There are many very nice dry climate originals!  Just take a look at the VERY nice Original John Deere unstyled B with original paint and hood decals.  

Many brands are represented in this auction. Allis Chalmers, Case, Cockshutt, Coop, Deutz, Farmall, Fordson, International, John Deere, Oliver, Massey Harris, Massey Ferguson, Minneapolis Moline, Twin City, and Wallis!

Bill also put together a full set of John Deere standard tractors.. AR, BR, 60, 70, 80, 620, 720, 820, 630, 730 & 830.  

Fridays auction will include TONS of tractor parts so make sure you make it for both days!


Feature Tractors

John Deere Model 4010

John Deere Model 320 Southern Special

John Deere AWH

John Deere Model 3010

John Deere Model 2010 RU

John Deere Model 1010 Utility

John Deere 830 Standard

John Deere Model 820

John Deere 730 Standard



1977 Ford Mustang

1979 Oldsmobile Toranado

1979 Volkswagen Rabbit Model C

1981 Ford Model 250 Truck Sprayer

1987 Jeep Comanche Pickup Truck

2003 Johnny Pag 250 Chopper

2007 Yamaha Star 1100 Motorcycle

  Volkswagen Bug Conversion

  Oldsmobile Aspen T-Top

  Monte Carlo

  Honda VTX 750 Motorcycle

  Ford Econoline 350 Camper

  Ford Model A Doodlebug

  Bombardier Traxter XT ATV


AC Tractors

 Model 180 Landhandler

 Model CA (2)

 Model D10

 Model D17

 Model G

 Model IB

 Model WC

 Model WD

 Model WD-45 (2)

 Styled Model WF

 Unstyled WF


Case Tractors

 Model 480C Loader Tractor

 Model 500

 Model C (2)

Model CC

 Model D

 Model DC (2)

Model DI

 Model LA

 Model R

 Model S

 Model SC (3)

 Model VA (3)

Model VAH

 Model VC

 Unstyled Model L



 Model 1900 Row Crop

 Model 30

 Model 40

 Model 50

 Model 560

 Model 570

 Model 60

 Model 80



International Hydro 70 Tractor

International Model 340

Farmall Model 560

Farmall Model A

Farmall Model B

Farmall Model F-12

Farmall Model F-12

Farmall Model F-12

Farmall Model H

Farmall Model H

Farmall Model Super MTA

Farmall Narrow Tread F-20


John Deere

 60 Standard

 730 Row Crop (2)

 730 Standard

 830 Standard


 Model 420-T

 Model 430-S

 Model 435

 Model 50 (2)

 Model 520 (2)

 Model 60 (3)

 Model 620

 Model 620 Standard

 Model 630

 Model 630 Standard

 Model 70

 Model 720 Standard

 Model 730

 Model 80 Standard

 Model 820

 Model A

 Model AR (5)

 Model AWH

 Model B (2)

 Model BR

 Model G

 Model GP

 Model H (3)

 Model R (2)

 Styled A (4)

 Styled B (3)

 Styled D

 Styled G (2)

 Styled H

 Styled Model A (5)

 Styled Model B (6)

 Styled Model D

 Unstyled A (3)

 Unstyled B (3)

 Unstyled BR

 Unstyled D

 Unstyled G

 Unstyled G

 Unstyled Model A

 Unstyled Model A

 Unstyled Model A

 Unstyled Model A

 Unstyled Model B

 Unstyled Model B

 Unstyled Model BR

 Unstyled Model D

 Unstyled Model D



Massey Ferguson Model 1655 Mower

Massey Ferguson Model 2244 Crawler

Massey Harris Model 22

Massey Harris Model 333

Massey Harris Model 333

Massey Harris Model 44 Special

Massey Harris Model 444

Massey Harris Model 555

Massey Harris Pony

Massey Harris Pony

Massey Harris Super 101


Minneapolis Moline



 Model 445

 Model G706 FWA

 Model G708 FWA

 Model GB

 Model JT

 Model JTS

 Model KTA

 Model R

 Model R

 Model RTU

 Model U

 Model u

 Model U Standard

 Model UB

 Model UTI

 Model Z

 Model Z






Oliver Early Style 99

Oliver Model 60 Row Crop

Oliver Model 60 Row Crop

Oliver Model 60 Standard

Oliver Model 66 Row Crop

Oliver Model 77 Standard

Oliver Model 770

Oliver Model 88 Standard

Oliver Model 880

Oliver Model 99 Diesel

Oliver Model Super 99


Parts Listing

Rebuilt Carburetors

MM – U, Z, G, R , ZB, ZA

53 JD – A

Late JD – A

JD Styled – B

JD 4000

Marvel Scheblers (9)

AC – C, WD, WD-45

Case – SC

Zenith (5)

Zenith K5

Farmall H


•            34 - (7)

•            10 - (5)

•            53 - (3)

•            51 - (3) Big nut G

•            18 - (5) Early A

•            63

•            8 - (2)

•            67 - (2)

Rebuilt Magnetos

Wico Model C

•            1042 – (25)

•            1344 – (2)

Wico Model X

•            477 – (10)

•            1047 – (2)

American Bosch – MJB, MJH (4C and 2C)

IHC H4 – (5)

Fairbanks Morse FMX – (2)

Fairbanks Morse FM4E – (3)

Fairbanks – RV “2A” and “2B”

Fairbanks Morse – X2B6 (2)

American Bosch – MJC-C (2)

IHC (3)

IHC – F4 (6)

Fairbanks – FMJ


Shop Equipment

Weidenhoff Magneto Tester

South Bend Quick change belt drive lathe, 14 1/3 x 16 inch

Cincinnati Milling Machine No. 3

Sioux Tools Valve Face Grinder

Valve seat grinders (2)


Parts Tractors

JD AR; MH 101; Farmall F-12 (2); MM ZB; AC WF; JD G; MM ZTU; JD B (4); MM U; MM Z (2); Oliver 60; Case DC; McCormick W-9; MM UTU lp; AC WC (2); AC C; Massey 44; Oliver 80; Oliver 77; JD 60 Standard; IHC W450; JD A (2); Farmall H; MM RTS; Farmall F-14; Oliver 60 RC; MM RTU (6); MM ZB; JD B Single front wheel (2); MM UTS; JD A (3); Oliver 70; McCormick 10-20; JD D; Farmall F-14; Club Car Golf cart


JD Parts

Shutters; Steering shaft; Fan assembly; Gas tanks; Blocks; Brake assemblies; Clamshell fenders; Roll top fenders; Styled grills; Air cleaner; Ring gear guard; Cast wheel centers; Rear steel; Wheel weights; H, G, D, A, B Radiators; AR/BR spoke wheels; 801 hitch parts; Flat spoke cut off wheels; Rims; Pony motor; Belt pulleys; Hubs, Standard axles

MM Parts

Manifolds; Rounded fenders; Fuel tank; Heads; 706? 8 cylinder block; Radiator; Seat assembly; Early fenders; Belt pulleys; Front weights; Wide front axle; Draw bar;


Other Tractor Parts

Ford 8n engines; Ford suitcase weights; 20+  new wagon/ implement rims; 10+ new gear boxes; 20+ Gandy boxes for fertilizer; Sprayer parts; New Hillsboro bale spear; 5 grain cleaner boxes;


JD 2 bottom trip plow (2); AC snap coupler disk; Agropower 25 kw generator; Van Brunt 16x6 grain drill; JD 31 sickle mower; IH little genius 2 bottom plow; Van Brunt 20x6 grain drill; Lindsay Bros Electric 727 flare box wagon, MM LS300 wooden manure spreader; Rosenthal wagon corn sheller; Buhler/Farm King 6ft rotary mower










CATALOG: Aumann Auctions has put forth every effort in preparing the catalog for this auction to provide accurate descriptions of all items. All lots are sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS, with all faults, imperfections and errors of description. Due diligence is the responsibility of the bidder/buyer. Printed statements or descriptions by staff are provided in good faith and are matters of opinion.

PAYMENTS: All sales are final. All accounts must be settled at the conclusion of the auction. No credit card charge backs will be allowed. We accept Cash, Checks, Visa and MasterCard ONLY. Your credit card will be charged for your purchases, plus a 5% Credit Card Fee, plus any applicable taxes. Note: Checks may be processed the day of the auction; be sure to have adequate funds in your account. Each transaction necessary to collect insufficient funds will have a $25 fee imposed in addition to the liability of the Default of Buyer below.

DEFAULT OF BUYER: Successful bidder not paying for items at the end of the auction will be considered in default. Such default by the Successful Bidder will result in that Bidders liability to both the Seller and Aumann Auctions, Inc. Seller shall have the right to (a) declare this contractual agreement cancelled and recover full damage for its breach, (b) to elect to affirm this contractual agreement and enforce its specific performance or (c) Seller can resell the items either publicly or privately with Aumann Auctions, Inc. and in such an event, the Buyer shall be liable for payment of any deficiency realized from the second sale plus all costs, including, but not limited to the holding/transporting/storage costs of the items, the expenses of both sales, legal and incidental damages of both the Seller and Aumann Auctions, Inc. In addition, Aumann Auctions, Inc. also reserves the right to recover any damages separately from the breach of the Buyer. The purchaser agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees and costs incurred by Aumann Auctions, Inc. in the collection of funds. The purchaser also agrees that a storage/handling fee of 2% per month be added to the balance of any unpaid balance due Aumann Auctions, Inc. and any other costs or losses incurred by the Buyers failure to adhere to these terms. Any debt collection or dispute proceedings will be litigated or arbitrated in Montgomery County, Illinois at the option of both the Seller and Aumann Auctions, Inc.

Both the Successful Bidder and Seller shall indemnify Aumann Auctions, Inc. for and hold harmless Aumann Auctions, Inc. from any costs, losses, liabilities, or expenses, including attorney fees resulting from Aumann Auctions, Inc. being named as a party to any legal action resulting from either Bidders or Sellers failure to fulfill any obligations and undertakings as set forth in this contractual agreement.

CONDUCT OF THE AUCTION: Conduct of the auction and increments of bidding are at the direction and discretion of Aumann Auctions, Inc. Aumann Auctions, Inc. reserves the right to reject any and all bids for any reason and also reserves the right to cancel this auction, or remove any item or lot from this auction prior to the close of bidding. All decisions of Aumann Auctions are final.

Your bid on this auction indicates both an understanding and an acceptance of the terms of this contractual agreement between yourself and both Aumann Auctions, Inc. and the Seller and that you, as the Bidder, are prepared to purchase items under these terms and conditions.

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