Kenneth & Marsha Storrer Oliver Collection

by Aumann Auctions, Inc.


October 10, 2015 Auction starts at 10:00 am Central


Kenneth & Marsha Storrer Collection 1140 2200th Street Iola, KS


Live / Online


Kenny was a former Oliver dealer and has put together a collection of many RARE models of Oliver tractors! He's also added some great signs and lots of good parts - many NOS!!! Make sure to be in Kansas this weekend for an Oliver auction we're positive you'll enjoy!

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Kenneth & Marsha Storrer Oliver Collection

October 10th, 2015 @ 10am

Onsite Auction with Live Internet Bidding!



1955 Oliver Super 99 GM Diesel, Sn. 520386, Runs, Restored, Shows 2180 hours, Single remote, Co-op 18.4-34 and BKT 7.5-18 tires, Front tires are like new

1955 Oliver Super 99 Gas, Sn. 519966-C99, Restored, Runs, Shows 4032 hours, PTO, Hydraulics, Belt pulley, Like new 7.5-18 front tires, Firestone 18.4-34 tires

1956 Oliver Super 88 High Clearance Row Crop, Sn. 42-434-801, Runs well, Restored, Diesel, Hydraulics, Drawbar, Lights, Fenders, Glass jar air cleaner

1965 Oliver Model 1550 LP Row Crop, Sn. 169 517-504, Runs, Restored, Shows 5762 hours, 3 point, Single remote, Harvest King 15.5-30 and Firestone 6.5-16 tires

1959 Oliver 880 Wheatland LP, Runs great, Completely restored in 2011, Like new rubber in front and rear, 642 hours total in restoration, Original carburetor sells with tractor

Rare Oliver Super 77 Turnpike Tractor, Sn. 43060702, Kansas turnpike tag# 2222, Runs, Original condition, Has been painted over but blue paint still visible all over

1962 Oliver Model 440, Sn. 122-454-44, Runs, Restored, 3 point, Like new rubber, 4-15 and 11.2-24 tires

Oliver Hart Parr 70 Row Crop, Sn. 205531, Restored, Runs, Fenders, PTO, Firestone 5.5-16 and Goodyear 12.4-38 tires

1961 Oliver 1800 Row Crop, Sn. 114 421-886, Runs, Original, Diesel, Pto, Single remote, Co-op 18.4-38 and Co-op 11-16 tires

1938 Cockshutt 70 Standard , Sn. 303142, Runs, Restored, Belt pulley, Lights, Fiberglass fenders, 13-24 and 6-16 tires

1948 Oliver Model 88 Industrial Tractor , Sn. 920025, Runs, Restored, Rear wheel weights, Lights, Armstrong 16.9-24 turf tires and Firestone 7.5-20 tires

1941 Oliver 60 Row Crop, Sn. 617690, Runs, Restored, Wide front, Fenders, Lights, Pto, 5-15 and 9-36 tires, Front tires are like new

1964 Oliver 550 Utility , Sn. 147 526-519, Runs, Restored, Gas, Front weight bracket, Hydraulics, Wheel weights, 1354 original hours, Power shift wheels, 6.5-16 and 13-26 tires, Like new front tires

Cockshutt Model 550 Utility, Sn. 140528-19, Restored, Runs, Gas, Hydraulics, 3 point, PTO, Shows 2195 hours, 14.9-26 and 6-16 tires

Oliver 770 Roller Tractor , Sn. 87330-899, Runs, Tampo body, City of St. Johns street department, Shows 2065 hours

1955 Oliver 660 Roller Tractor, Sn. 88581-606, Runs, Ferguson body, Neat!  Ken used this at the local show

1960 Oliver 660 Row Crop, Sn. 8858-606, Runs, Restored, Gas, Narrow front, Fenders, pto, 6-16 and 12.4-38 tires

Oliver 66 Standard , Sn. 471055, Runs, Restored, Pto, Fenders, 6-16 and 12.4-24 tires

1942 Oliver 60 Standard , Sn. 410323, Runs, Restored, Fenders, Lights, Pto, 5-15 and 11.2-24 tires, Rears rubber is like new

Oliver 77 Row Crop, Sn. 325853, Runs, Restored, Hydraulics, Pto, Fenders

Cockshutt/Oliver 80 Row Crop , Tag missing, Older restoration, Runs, Flat lens lights, Pto, Belt pulley, Goodyear 12.4-40 and Harvest King 6-16 tires, Freeze cracked manifold

1946 Oliver 80 Row Crop, Sn. 113774C-46, Runs, Repainted, Glass jar air cleaner, Fenders, PTO, Co-op 6-16 and BF Goodrich 13-38 tires

Oliver 770 State Industrial  Tractor , Sn. 68-118-714, Runs, Cab and 2 way front mount blade, Old repaint, Shows 4385 hours, PTO, Lights, 14.9-26 and 7.5-18 tires

1964 Oliver 770 Row Crop , Sn. 145 733-721, Old repaint, Runs, Shows 3208 hours, Flat top fenders, Radio, Hydraulics, Pto, Co-op 16.9-34 and 6-16 tires, Cracked manifold

1965 Oliver 1550 Row Crop, Sn. 160 484-504, Runs, Repainted, Gas, 3 point, Pto, Single remote, Fenders, BF Goodrich 15.5-38 and Firestone 6-16 tires

1953 Oliver OC-6 Crawler Tractor, Sn. 35004084, Runs, Repainted, Gas, Straight Tin, Turing brakes work well

1955 Oliver Super 77 Row Crop, Sn. 29010702, Repaint, Rear wheel weights, Pto, Single remote, Goodyear  12-38 and 6-16 tires

Oliver 880 Row Crop, Sn. 85 983-833, Original, Lights, Custom lift hitch, Pto, Goodyear 15.5-38 and 6-16 tires

1951 Oliver 66 Row Crop , Sn. 426338-C66C, Runs, Older restoration, Fenders, Electric single remote, Pto, 10-38 and 5-15 tires

1949 Oliver Model 88 Row Crop , Sn. 126468-C88F, Runs, Older restoration, Fenders, Lights, Pto, Goodyear 6-16 and Firestone 13-38 tires

1944 Oliver 70 Row Crop , Sn. 247397, Older restoration, Runs, Fenders, Flat lens lights, Cut down rears, Pto, Titan 12.4-38 and 5.5-16 tires, Rear tires are like new

1950 Oliver 66 Row Crop, Sn. 423193-C66C, Runs, Older restoration, Pto, Drawbar

1948 Oliver 88 Standard , Sn. 820 409-D12, Runs, Repaint, Rear wheel weights, Lights, PTO, Fenders, Goodyear 7.5-18 and Goodyear 16.9-28 tires

1949 Oliver 77 Standard, Sn. 270170, Runs, Old repaint, Rear wheel weights, Pto, Lights, Co-op 5.5-16 and 14.9-26 tires

1947 Oliver 88 Standard , Sn. 820081, Runs well, 2 sets rear wheel weights, Pto, Lights, 6.5-16 and 14.9-26 tires

Oliver 88 Standard , Sn. 827121, Runs, Old repaint, Fenders, Pto, 2 set rear wheels weights, Firestone 7.5-16 and Goodyear 14-30 tires

Oliver 77 Row Crop, Sn. 3506463, Oliver model 88 loader, Fenders, 3 sets of rear wheel weights, 12.4-38 and 6-16 tires, Has set of forks on loader

1948 Oliver 88 Standard , Sn. 820807, Original, Rear wheel weights, Lights, Single remote, Power steering, 7.5-16 and 16.9-26 tires

1941 Oliver 70 Row Crop, Sn. 238680, Runs, No rear rubber, Pto

1972 Oliver 70 Town and Country, Nice, Kohler motor, Has deck

1972 Oliver 125 Town and Country, Sn. 1863, Like new tires, Has deck and blade, Kohler motor

1972 Oliver 125 Town and Country, Sn. 1642, Repainted, Kohler motor, Has deck


Oliver Finest in Farm Machinery Sign, Painted tin on wood frame, Embossed

Oliver Authorized Sales and Service Shield Sign, Painted tin, Single sided

Oliver Finest in Farm Machinery Shield Sign, Painted tin

Oliver Farm Implements Sign, Missing corner


International 2 Bottom Plow, Original, Ken put this together from parts found inside a building's upstairs storage

Oliver 2 Bottom Orchard Plow

Oliver 1 Bottom Plow, Repainted, Rope trip, On steel

Oliver 3 Bottom Mounted Plow, Repainted

Oliver 565 4 Bottom Semi Mount Plow, Original

Oliver 3 Bottom Mounted Plow, Original

Oliver 3 Bottom Plow, Original, On steel, Rope trip

Oliver 2 Bottom Plow, Original, Rope trip, On rubber

Oliver 2 Bottom Rooster Comb Plow, Original, On steel

Oliver 4 Bottom Plow, Original, On rubber

Oliver 2 Bottom Plow, Original, Rope trip, On rubber

Oliver 3 Bottom Plow, Original, On rubber

Oliver 3 Bottom Plow, Original, On rubber

Oliver 2 Bottom Plow, Original, On rubber

Oliver 62W Wire Baler, Original, Pto driven

Oliver Model 620 Baler, Original, Pto driven

Oliver Model 620 Baler, Original, Pto driven

Oliver 12ft Pull Type Disk, Original

Oliver Superior Forage Harvester, Original, Has 5ft. Header

Oliver 415 Sickle Mower

Oliver Superior Drill (2)

Oliver Commander Boat Motor

Oliver 35 Boat Motor

Oliver 1 Row Lister

Oliver 1 Row Cultivator (Horse drawn)

Oliver 6  Row Cultivator

John Deere Sickle Bar mower



Many Oliver parts!   Heads, Manifolds, Blocks, Seats, Manuals, Literature, Oliver 88 round nose hoods (One NOS!), Oliver 80 wheels, Oliver 88 single front, 60 Oliver frame, Oliver fender extensions, Old-Style 88 grills, Mounted cultivators for 77 Oliver, Belt pulleys, Hoods, Side shields, Fender extensions, Hydraulic systems, Hubs for Old style 88 RC, Belt pulley for 66 Oliver, 354 Perkins Engine, 318 Chrysler engine, Deutz engine from Gleaner combine,Complete hydraulic setup for 66-77-88 tractors, Sleeve sets, 55D Complete engine, too many to list!

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