Hopson Sales and Service Tractor Business Liquidation

by Aumann Auctions, Inc.


October 31, 2015 Auction starts at 10:00 am Central


Hopson Sales and Service 82 Main Street Raritan, IL


Live / Online


If you need ANY parts EVER - this is the auction for you! Complete liquidation of Sales and Service business. Vintage Oliver tractors, vintage and current parts, pedal tractor collection, signs, trailers, shop equipment, tools, bins, oil furnace....Click the 'View All Featured Photos' (above) to get an idea of how big this one is!

We are also selling the real estate! Total of 5 Commercial properties in Raritan, Illinois!

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Hopson's Sales and Service Tractor Business Liquidation

Auction on October 31st, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Live Onsite Auction with Online Bidding

All 5 Parcels of Real Estate To Be Sold at NOON: http://aumannauctions.com/index.php?subp=1&sct=2&pg=ap&pid=46250

After so many years in the tractor and implement business Hopson’s Sales and Services is going to auction.  In addition to selling Dick’s personal collection of tractors and toys, we will be liquidating all remaining inventory and business assets!  The extensive parts inventory includes Oliver through Agco brands.



Oliver 1800 Row Crop; Oliver 1550 Utility; Oliver 770 Row Crop; Oliver 66 Row Crop; Oliver 88 Row Crop; Oliver 550; Oliver 70 Row Crop; Oliver 145 Garden Tractor; Oliver 125 Garden Tractor; Oliver 75 Garden Tractor; MM 112 Hydro Lawn Tractor; 1/3 Scale Oliver Electric Barge Wagon; White Yard Boss LGT-1455 Garden Tractor; White Yard Boss LGT-1655 Garden Tractor


2006 Dodge 2500; CASE 585 C Fork Truck; Yetter Loader; Clark Early Fork Lift; White 2T42 Lawn Mower; White/MTD Lawn Mower; John Deere 100 Lawn Tractor; Krause and New Idea 5.5 Long Bubble Signs; White Mobile Mattic Drive Forklift; Load Trail Car Trailer; Pro Stock Goose Neck Trailer; 10 x 6ft Utility Trailer; 28ft Donahue Trailer; 16ft 7600lb Car Trailer; Land Pride ZST 40; Troy Bilt Snow Blower;


Agco Bubble Sign; Agco White Bubble Sign; White Farm Equipment Bubble Sign; White Bubble Sign; Karuse Farm Equipment Bubble Sign; New Idea Bubble Sign (2); Pair of White Farm Equipemt Plastics; Oliver Salesman Sample Shield Sign

Pedal Tractors:

John Deere 55 Series Pedal Tractor; White 6215 Workhorse Pedal Tractor; Ford 8730 Pedal Tractor; Ford TW-35 Pedal Tractor; Case 30 Pedal Tractor; Agco Allis 9815 Pedal Tractor; Massey Harris 44 Pedal Tractor; Massey Ferguson 8160 Pedal Tractor; Hesston 100-90 Pedal Tractor; John Deere 20 Series Pedal Tractor; Allis Chalmers One Ninety XT Pedal Tractor; Allis Chalmers 7045 Pedal Tractor; Deutz Allis 7145 Pedal Tractor; All-American Farmer Pedal Tractor; Oliver 1655 Pedal Tractor; 1999 Spirit of Oliver Pedal Tractor; Oliver 70 Row Crop Pedal Tractor; Cockshutt 70 Pedal Tractor; Kubota M6950 Pedal Tractor; 1999 Spirit of Minneapolis Moline Pedal Tractor; 1999 Spirit of Cockshutt Pedal Tractor; International Black Stripe Pedal Tractor; John Deere 130 Pedal Tractor; Franken-Pedal; Ford Pedal Wagon; Deutz Allis Pedal Wagon; Oliver 880 Diesel Pedal Tractor; Oliver Super 88 Pedal Tractor; Massey Ferguson 398 Pedal Tractor; Oliver 88 Row Crop Pedal Tractor; White American 60 Pedal Tractor; Ford 8000 Pedal Tractor; Ford 8730 Pedal Tractor; White 145 Workhorse Pedal Tractor; White Farm Equipment Pedal; 1997 White 145 Workhorse Pedal Tractor; White 6215 Workhorse Pedal Tractor; Farmall 806 Pedal Tractor; Farmall Super M Pedal Tractor; Farmall M Pedal Tractor; International 826 Demonstrator Pedal Tractor; Case Pedal Tractor; Deutz Pedal Tractor; Oliver 88 Row Crop Pedal Tractor; Oliver 1950 Pedal Tractor; Oliver 88 Row Crop Pedal Tractor; 2006 Oliver 1755 Pedal Tractor; Agco Allis 8610 Wide Front Pedal Tractor; Spirit of Oliver Pedal Tractor; 1998 Farmall M Pedal Tractor; 2000 White 2-70 Pedal Tractor; Farmall F-20 Pedal Tractor; 1999 Spirit of Oliver Pedal Tractor; 1999 Oliver 70 Pedal Tractor

Parts Listing:

Parts for Oliver, White, Agco: Belts, Hoses, Lots of Hardware, Belt Pulleys, Wheel Hubs, Air Cleaner Parts, Lots of Bearings, Water Pumps, Gaskets, Seals, O-rings, Ignition Parts, Hydraulic System Parts, Hydraulic Hoses, Hydraulic Fittings, Carb Parts, Tranny Gears and Parts, Clutch Parts, Lots of Springs, Cables, Weather Caps, Chassis Parts, Steering Parts, Wiring Harnesses, Mufflers, Exhaust Parts, Filters, Implement Parts and Hardware for Plows, Cultivators, Hay tools, Sprockets, Chains, Spark Plugs, PTO parts, Drive Line Parts, Bins of Hardware, Mower Blades, Tractor Pins, Tie Rods, Axel U-Bolts, Spindle shafts, Starter Parts, Disc Mower Parts, U-joints, Rubber Axle Stops, Rubber torsion seat springs, Dash Parts, Idler Pulleys, PTO shafts, Oliver Tin Work, Lights, Roller Chains, Valve Parts, Lots of Gears and Cogs, Flat Chain, Metal Chassis Parts, Small Engine Repair Parts, Hydraulic Couplers, Bucket Teeth, Cultivator Shovels and Tines, 3 Point Top Links, 3 Point Pins CAT 1,2,3, Fleet Guard Filters and Agco Filters, Shop Liquids and Commodities, Draw Bar Parts, Wheel Hubs for Implements, Slip Clutch Parts, Lots of Oil Seals, Steering Wheels, Tach Parts, Planter Monitors and Planter Plates, Black Iron Fittings, Sediment Bowls, Throttle and Choke Cables, Block Heaters, Implement Spindles, Lots of Hay Tool Parts, Harrow Teeth, Beveled Gears, Cam Shafts, Valve Trains, Crank  Shafts, Starters, Generators, Alternators, Hydraulic Cylinders, Tranny Parts, Carbs, 3 Point Sway Blocks, Water Temp Sensors, Steering Arms, Belt Pulleys, Light Bulbs, Planter Cover Wheels, V-belt Pulleys, Wheel and Nose Weights


10ft Oliver Grain Drill; 3 Bottom Hydraulic Lift Trailing Plow; Oliver Barge Wagon; Trailing Finish Mower; 2 Bottom Dearborn Plow; John Deere Cat 2 Quick Hitch

Shop Equipment:

Power Twin Shop Press; LANDA Water Cleaning System Model PW-30; 6,000lb Engine Lift; Clean Burn Oil Furnace; 2 Ton 10ft Wide Lift Frame with Chain Hoists; Clean Burn Oil Furnace; M and W Dyno






CATALOG: Aumann Auctions has put forth every effort in preparing the catalog for this auction to provide accurate descriptions of all items. All lots are sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS, with all faults, imperfections and errors of description. Due diligence is the responsibility of the bidder/buyer. Printed statements or descriptions by staff are provided in good faith and are matters of opinion.

PAYMENTS: All sales are final. All accounts must be settled at the conclusion of the auction. No credit card charge backs will be allowed. We accept Cash, Checks, Visa and MasterCard ONLY. Your credit card will be charged for your purchases, plus a 5% Credit Card Fee, plus any applicable taxes. Note: Checks may be processed the day of the auction; be sure to have adequate funds in your account. Each transaction necessary to collect insufficient funds will have a $25 fee imposed in addition to the liability of the Default of Buyer below.

DEFAULT OF BUYER: Successful bidder not paying for items at the end of the auction will be considered in default. Such default by the Successful Bidder will result in that Bidders liability to both the Seller and Aumann Auctions, Inc. Seller shall have the right to (a) declare this contractual agreement cancelled and recover full damage for its breach, (b) to elect to affirm this contractual agreement and enforce its specific performance or (c) Seller can resell the items either publicly or privately with Aumann Auctions, Inc. and in such an event, the Buyer shall be liable for payment of any deficiency realized from the second sale plus all costs, including, but not limited to the holding/transporting/storage costs of the items, the expenses of both sales, legal and incidental damages of both the Seller and Aumann Auctions, Inc. In addition, Aumann Auctions, Inc. also reserves the right to recover any damages separately from the breach of the Buyer. The purchaser agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees and costs incurred by Aumann Auctions, Inc. in the collection of funds. The purchaser also agrees that a storage/handling fee of 2% per month be added to the balance of any unpaid balance due Aumann Auctions, Inc. and any other costs or losses incurred by the Buyers failure to adhere to these terms. Any debt collection or dispute proceedings will be litigated or arbitrated in Montgomery County, Illinois at the option of both the Seller and Aumann Auctions, Inc.

Both the Successful Bidder and Seller shall indemnify Aumann Auctions, Inc. for and hold harmless Aumann Auctions, Inc. from any costs, losses, liabilities, or expenses, including attorney fees resulting from Aumann Auctions, Inc. being named as a party to any legal action resulting from either Bidders or Sellers failure to fulfill any obligations and undertakings as set forth in this contractual agreement.

CONDUCT OF THE AUCTION: Conduct of the auction and increments of bidding are at the direction and discretion of Aumann Auctions, Inc. Aumann Auctions, Inc. reserves the right to reject any and all bids for any reason and also reserves the right to cancel this auction, or remove any item or lot from this auction prior to the close of bidding. All decisions of Aumann Auctions are final.

Your bid on this auction indicates both an understanding and an acceptance of the terms of this contractual agreement between yourself and both Aumann Auctions, Inc. and the Seller and that you, as the Bidder, are prepared to purchase items under these terms and conditions.

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Aumann Auctions, Inc.


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