October Online Only Toys, Cattle and Doll Collectables Auction

by Aumann Auctions, Inc.


October 29, 2017 Ending Sunday at 12:00pm (Noon) Central


Aumann Auction Online Only Auction 20114 IL Route 16 Nokomis, IL


Online Only


This Auction features Toys from the Kevin Larkey Collection and Randy Nance from Kentucky. Kevin collected Oliver and John Deere toys. Randy has Signs, Hereford and Angus items, signs, figures, books and advertising, along with that there is China Dolls. Take a look there is something for everyone on this sale.

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John Deere          9400      1988 Collector Edition, duals and 3 point

John Deere          8300      FWA, Cab

John Deere          214-T Square Baler           Precision Classic #11, has booklet

John Deere          9750 STS Combine            Series II Precision #1, has both heads, has plastic on tires, booklet included

Farmall  400 w/Cultivator              50th Anniversary

Case International            7140      1987 Special Edition, MFWD, duals

Oliver    770        w/Checker Board Grill, wide front

Oliver    1555      Diesel, narrow front

White Oliver       1655      MFWD, ROPS, Canopy

Oliver    1950-T  Fender Fuel Tanks, wide front, front weights

Oliver    1950-T  Fender Fuel Tanks, wide front, front weights

Oliver    770        NF, Louisville Show

Oliver    Super 44              TTT 1989 Anniversary Collector Model

Case International            3294      Case Collector Series 1985, FWA

New Holland       Grinder/Mixer    has clasp hitch

Oliver    1955      100th Anniversary 1997, Cab

Oliver    1855      NF

Custom Oliver    1655 w/Sickle Bar Mower             plastic rims

Oliver    770        Collector Edition from Louisville Farm Show 1996

Oliver    Super 44              has custom weights, missing a light and stack

Oliver    880        nf

John Deere          Combine, Planter & Model AW    it is new in the box, combine has both heads, planter has a part needs repaired

Oliver    (3) Implement pcs             Spreader, Disc & 4 bottom plow

John Deere          Cotton Picker, 9750 STS Combine & 4010 Diesel    Toy Farmer 1993 1/43rd scale

Case      Agri King 1170 & Brent 674 Grain Cart       Limited Edition from 1996 Farm Show 617 of 1,000

New Idea, John Deere, Oliver, Cat, IH       Tractor and Pickers (8) items        all new in packages

Ford & IH             (3) Tractors         IH w/trip loader lift lever is bad, 7710 FWA, 1920 utility

Tractors & Equipment     Vol I and II           full color

John Deere          (2) items              Puzzle is 1,000 pc, book is all about everything JD, Toys to Tractors

Oliver    (3) items              puzzles are different pictures, Lantern is Kerosene

Truck     both MM (2) items           Truck is from 2009 Toy Show

Massey Ferguson              (2) items              New Idea is in Plastic

Oliver Hart-Parr (2) books             by CH Wendel 296 page black and white, Oliver Photo Archive 143 pages black and white

& Pencil Art (3) items        of a 1650, Photo Archive, Classic Oliver Tractors written by Sherry Schaffer and Jeff Hacket

Harley Davidson (5) items              4 books and Hot Wheels Trucks

Print "Harvest Surprise"   by Robert Hunton             285 of 560, 26" by 34"

Picture  77 Row Crop       19" by 23"

& others              Place Mats (9) total          11.5" by 17.5"

Yard Stick            (9) items              IH Yard Stick, Master Mix SST sign 12" by 30", Illinois Plates 2 from 1963, 2 from 1960, 2 more from 1963 and a single from 1963

John Deere          Tractors, Sprayer, Combine and Implements          some customs or customized toys, some need repair

John Deere          Tractors, Drill, Grain Cart, Combine and Implements           drill is custom and needs repair, few extra parts included

MM, Case, Oliver Ford    IH tractors and Implements          planter, baler, 2 row picker new idea needs repair, new Holland, custom round bale hauler w/bales

John Deere          IH, Simplicity       tractors, baler, wagon, truck w/gooseneck

John Deere          8400      Precision Classic #8, has a lot of detail, mirrors included

John Deere          8430      Series II Precision, has coin, duals all around, has both mirrors

John Deere          9420T    Series II Precision, has coin, and booklet

Steiger  Panther CP-1400               Farm Progress Show 2003, signed by Joe Ertl

Case IH 9390      Case Collector July 1997, has triples

COOP    BearCat II            Toy Farmer, duals

Steiger  Wild Cat               Series I Special Edition 30th Anniversary, Collector Edition

Steiger  Wild Cat               Series II, Toy Farmer, Duals all around

Steiger  Super Wild II Cat Industrial            yellow, duals all around

New Holland       9882      82 Series Versatile, Triples, Collector Edition

New Holland       TJ450     Special Edition, Duals all around

Case IH Magnum 370      25 years of Magnum, duals all around 2012 Farm Show

Allis Chalmers     440        Toy Farmer, duals

Massey Ferguson              1500      Toy Farmer, duals

Oliver    2655      Toy Farmer, duals

Case      2470      Toy Farmer, duals

White    4-210     Toy Farmer, duals

Case IH Magnum 180 Stars & Stripes         2009 Farm Show, rear duals, 200 years of America

Steiger  Bear Car              Series I, duals Collector Edition

Big Bud 440        Triples

Big Bud 370        Duals

Big Bud 500        Duals

Big Bud 370        Duals

Allis Chalmers     4W-305 White top Cab, super singles

Allis Chalmers     4W-305 Orange top cab, duals, chrome rims

Steiger  Panther CP-1400               flat back, duals

Case IH 9380 Quad Trac flat back 

Versatile              836        Designation 6, First Edition, duals, gold top cab, red plantaries

Versatile              1156      Designation 6, duals, yellow top cab

Ford       1156 Versatile    Duals, blue plantaries, Parts Mart 1990

John Deere          7020      singles

Case & White     (2) 4-210's & 4890            all have duals

Cat         Lexion 590 R Combine     has both heads, front duals

Cat         Lexion Combine has grain table

Case, Ford, Versatile        256 bidirectional tractor, 4890, 846           Ford has Duals

Case IH, Versatile, Ford, New Holland       (4) tractors          Quad trac, Cougar 100 Special Edition, Ford 1990 Parts Mart Blue Plantaries, New Holland 9682

Massey Ferguson              (3) Tractors         1900 3 point Collector Edition 2004, duals, 4880 & 4900, duals

Case IH 4994, 9150          both duals and 3 point, 9150 is 1988 Special Edition

Case IH Steiger 535 & 9120 Axial-Flow Tracked Combine   2009 Farm Show, Steiger 535 is 2010 Farm Show

Case & Case International             4894's (2)             Red is 1985 Collector Edition, white is 1984 Collector Edition

Case IH & IH       2166 Axial Flow Combine & IHC 66 Series 5,000,000th Tractor in plastic, combine has corn head

Case IH Steiger 550 QuadTrac & 2013 Magnum Legacy Tractors     has 7130 & 340 in same box

Ford       Bi_Directional & 4 Wheel Drive Tractors   both in same display box

International      5288      First Edition KC 1981, dark Red top cab, duals

International      5288      FWA, Special Edition 1994

International      5488      FWA, First Edition 1984

International      (3) items              2 - 6388's 2 plus 2's, & 1/80th Combine

International      (3) items              2 Historical Sets, and Mini Tractor w/wide front

International      (8) items              Semi w/Case Logo on truck has 2 tractors on it, 6 in packages, 1 - 1086 not in package

Case IH (4) tractors          2 quad trac's a STX440 & Quad Trac, 9370 w/duals from Fargo ND Show 1995, and a 9370 in package

MM, Oliver, Case, AC, MF             (5) Tractors         Toy Farmers, 2655, 1155 Spirit of Massey, G750, 1170, Two-Twenty

Versatile, Oliver, Massey Ferguson            (7) Items              4 puzzles, new in plastic, 2655 Oliver, 935 Versatile, 1155 Spirit of Massey, Toy Farmers

Massey Ferguson & White             (9) Items              4880's decals reversed each tractor is different, 6175 1999 Farm Show Edition, 6 - Massey Puzzles

John Deere          (3) Items              Combine Titian II has both heads, 9510R 2013 Farm Show 5th in Series, 8 Miniature tractors set

John Deere          (2) Tractor Sets  4 and 8 Tractor Sets

Ford & Case IH   (4) tractors          846, 976, Quad Trac, 9260 Ridged Frame

John Deere          (4) tractors          8850, 3 -8560's

John Deere          (7) tractors          8850, 8560, 5 - Row Crop Tractors

AC, Ford, Steiger, Massey Ferguson           (11) Tractors       Steiger Panther CP-1400, MF 2775 in package, AC 7045, 9700 Ford, 2 - TW 20's, and 5 tractors out of packages

1967 Pontiac GTO & Ford Model T             (4) Items              HD Model T Van Bank, 1933 Motorcycle w/side car, Wix GTO, Wix Challenger Car Set has 1970 Dodge Hemi & 2009 Dodge Hemi in same box

John Deere          (3) items              PTO Spreader, Barge Wagon, 4430 model with 100 plus parts in plastic

John Deere          3010      4 lever, 2 short filters, 2 hyd filters, 3 point, flat top fenders, die cast rims

John Deere          Pull type Combine            hook hitch, chain drive, press steel rims

Versatile, John Deere      (4) items              Pickup Box Trailer 92%, Slik Planter no markers 94%, Versatile Bi-Directional in Yellow w/extra tires and rims, Cast Iron JD rough cast

Green Giant        Farm Set              has Tractor, Flare Box Wagon, Disc & Plow

John Deere          Grinder/Mixer    plastic rims

John Deere          6600 Combine    metal reel, metal rod thru reel, chain drive

Ford       Select O Speed   Red/Gray, 3 point, plastic rims

Farm Set              (4) Pieces             Tractor, plow, drag, disc, #9910

Massey Tractor  w/Driver, nf, hard rubber tires, plastic rear rims

Allis Chalmers     WD        plastic 

Barge Box           Wagon  wood & metal brass trim, hand made

Auger    & Elevator           press steel rims

John Deere          330 & Buggy       tractor is plastic, buggy is metal

Track Hoe            & Grader              hoe has rubber tracks missing lever in cab to run boom, grader has been restored

Truck     & Front Shovel   Both need repaired, each is missing parts

Figure    on AC WD-45      18" tall, 18" long

& Lawn Cart        (2) Items              wagon has solid metal tires and rims, wagon is 15" long, lawn cart is 12 1/2" across. Old repaint, neat

Electric Train      Set         has 2-4-2 Engine #237, has 5 cars, controller, curved and straight track

Round Barn, Cobblefield Acres &                Pasture Farms    all about 8" long, small scale

The Old Red Barn, Prairie Barn & Twin Pines           has winter scene, 8" long

IH Blue Ribbon   Trangsrud Implement Co               Wimbledon, ND, heavy, 18" by 24"

Moor Man's        Minerals              5" by 27.5", Quincy IL

Kewanee             Machinery and Conveyor Co         11.25" by 20"

Ideal      Authorized Dealer            embossed center and edges, 8" by 15.5"

Pennzoil               Oblong Sign        18" by 31"

Barten   Seed Corn Sign   18" by 24", heavy cardboard, has 6 holes for mounting

Sample  Mule-Hide Roofs              shingle display, 24" by 18", mounted on heavy cardboard

Napoleon            Cigar      embossed, made in 1974 on lower left corner

Gainer   Feeds     20" by 20", has folded edge

Farmers' Cooperative      Dairy      Ice Cream, 24" by 36"

Seed Peanuts      Mirror   19.5" by 13.5", has red lettering

Thunderhead Farms         Polled Herefords               embossed, 46" by 70", has wood framed back

McCulloch           Chain Saws          36" by 59"

Signage (4) items              SST 24" by 16" "This Farm has Pride in Tobacco", 2 card board signs 15" by 12" single sided, "Bull Durham" 11" by 9" framed pic of 2 black kids kissing on fence

Durham (2) SST Signs        both embossed, 15" by 11 1/2", 16" by 12"

Farm Bureau       Reward 12" by 16"

SST Farm & Ranch Member           & Packers & Stockyards Division DS Plastic              Black Sign is 8" by 20", Member sign is 12" by 18"

Copenhagen       embossed            12" by 21"

Carnation            Calf Manna Suckle            embossed letters and edges, 17" by 24"

Purina    Chickens              I Love my Girls & Home is where the Flock is

IH           & Graham-Bradley           heavy, IH is 10" by 10", 9" by 12" Graham-Bradley

Ferguson System              & Allis-Chalmers heavy signs, 8" by 12" & 14" by 14" at corners how sign hangs

Dixie's   Certified Hybrid  8.5" by 18"

Railroad               Milwaukee Road, Rock Island & Hiawatha's           7" by 10.5" is largest

Pfister's Hybrids Caldwell Dryers  PAG/Pfister's is a sign topper 8.5" by 16" with folder edges, Caldwell is SST embossed 12" by 24"

Homelite             & Husqvarna signs            15" by 24" & 8" by 27", both embossed

Four Roses SST   Mission Orange SST & wooden fruit signs 30" by 14", 12" by 30" orange soda, 5" by 20" wooden Fruit single sided old paint cracking

Seagram's SST    SS plastic MTD    18" by 26", 16" by 25" Seagram's embossed

Michelin SST       Goodyear sst, BF Goodrich ss metal signs Michelin is 24" by 36" sign has wrinkles, Goodyear 12" by 16", 17" by 21"

Wallace's Farmer SST      & Swift's Beef SS wooden signs    swift is 16" by 20", Wallace's is 7" by 10"

Eastern AI            white signs          13" by 9.5"

Echo      Champion            Champion is embossed 12" by 30" & Echo is 24" by 48" tin

Cloverdale           Dairy Milk - Cream           new it looks old 10" by 16" in plastic , 11" by 15" Cloverdale

DeKalb  embossed            signs white has been hung and is rippled slightly, red is new in plastic, both 12" by 18"

Pfister's Hybrids old         8" by 5"

Kruger Seed        Self Storage Co  Kruger is old 14" by 4" SST embossed needs cleaned, Self Storage is SSP, has a corner dent at bottom

Funks, P of H Grange       Na-Churs Fertilizer signs Funks is plastic 22" by 19", Grange is 26" by 21" SST, Liquid Fert is 20" by 16" SST

Texaco  Chevron               24" by 36" Chevron & Texaco 36" by 24"

Surge     Clinton Engines  34" by 23" embossed, Clinton is 24" by 24" embossed has surface rust

Hot Dogs, Wix,   Zetor & Shell       hot dogs is 23" by 25" others are smaller, shell plastic others are metal

Angus Beef, Southern Bell             Smokey Bear, Electrically Heated Home   Beef is plastic 25" by 24", others are tin

Thermometer     outdoor               Jumbo dial, works, 12" across

Glass Front          Clock     12", tries to work

Blue Book            & Goodyear Clock plus thermometer        clock is battery op, no battery 13" across, Thermometer is 12" across and works

Wind-O-Meter   Aircraft Components       110 volt, for control tower?, has wind direction, Wind Speed & Barometer

Hand      Saw        painted orange and has decals

100 Lb   Feed Sack            Hubbard Milling Co

Hereford              Show Award?     Winning Get-Of-Sire 1966 National Show, Presented by Polled Hereford World, has Pyrex pan inside, 16" across and 10" wide on feet

22k Gold              (8) Pcs   have Herford Bull on each, also has "Helen & Don" on each, 21 small plates just day Medicine Hat on them

Ice Cream Scoop              (8) items              all Herford related items, scoop is Authur Court Designs, in box

Collectables        (5) items              Stockmen's Motor Hotel ashtray, plate, cow and calf, coffee cup, Lions Club Pins

Collectables        (7) Items              salt n pepper, Bull and cow, pitcher, finger bowl?, table throw

Collectables        (8) items              negative of cow with triplets from 1963, Herford Ear rings, Herford Bolo tie, Post Card with Herford's on front plowing, (3) American Polled Herford Hall of Fame Pins each has a different stone in them

Pillow    w/tail    has head too, about 15" by 22"

Photos  Tin Sign- (6) items             pics are from Hereford Texas Assn. Fort Worth Texas, has Van Winkle on back of pic, tin sign is 8" by 10.5" sign is new

4 X          Silver Belly           61 Silverbel, 2 3/4" brim, size 7 1/8th

4 X          Roper Ranch Tan              4" brim, size 7 1/8th

(4) items              Bell, Book & Figurines     Bell has bull on front, Book is 20 years with Polled Herefords hard bound, Bucking bull is hand painted, Hereford Bull is Border Fine Arts Hand Made in Scotland

Figures  (5) items              2 horses in harness, 2 colts, middle buster w/evener

Collectables        (5) items              2 Salt n Pepper sets, Dana Coffee Cup, Tin with Herefords on it

Wolf, 2 Bulls       Running Horse (4) items  Wolf is a Bronze Shadow Runner, Long Horn is wood?, Horse and black bull plastic or resin

Toys       (3) items              Crawling baby, cast iron stove, washing machine

by Takamine       Guitar    39.5" long, has strings

Coffee   Mugs box lot      Beef, Angus, New Holland, Funks

Picture  Collection of (5) Photos  Combines in Kansas Wheat Field, Massey Ferguson Combine, Caterpillar Scrapers being built in Illinois, Skilled workers in Ohio Factory, January Blizzard in Chicago, Gavins Point Dam on Missouri River, all at 15.25" by 23"

Farmers (2)          and (3) bags        Grits,  and one Meal these are new, Progressive Farmers from 1951 & 1960

US Property, Fresh Milk   & Farm Fresh Milk            US is Plastic others are cardboard

Deere    Collectables        2 coffee cups and serving tray

Rogers  Collectables (3) items      Dell Comic from August 1953, Puzzle of Roy and Trigger #2610:29, Little bot with Herford Calf #1304

(3) Bulls and (1) Cow Figurines      one bull has Cooper craft made in England sticker cow looks like it matches bull, large bull with halter made in Japan

Collectables        3 Bulls and Cow Cow has Farm Scene painted on sides

Mugs     2 Cow Figures     one is a cookie jar, 4 Mugs in box Purina

Cows Calf            Bull        Bull is Goebel w. Germany, Charlois is Melba Ware England cow and calf, Holsteins are Cooper Craft Made in England

Pig Figures           few S & P             one is Cooper craft from England, plus a Jim Beam bottle

Chocolate           Covered Wagon Cotton Top, 12" long

Sears, Roebuck and Co    4 Volumes           Farm Animals vol 1, Soils Crops & Fert vol 2, Farm Imp vol 3, Business Mgmt. vol 4

Standard              Horse Stock Book             has 2000 Illustrations,  1181 pages

& Breeds of Livestock      (2) Hard Bound Books      780 & 600 pages in each

(4) total Tractor and Crawler Value guide, Barns, Small Cattle, The Complete Cow   2 are hard bound,

Tobacco & Farm               Books (5)             Pocket Booklet, not used no date, Farm Economy 70 pages, Methods of Harvesting 21 pages, Cattle Mgmt. 333 pages, Practical Beef Production 93 pages

and Poultry         (6) items              2 prints of Pigs 11" by 14"'s, Highwood Large Berkshire Swine Book 20 pages, 1927 Purina Poultry Book 96 pages black and white, Pratt's Poultry Feeds 20 plus pages, Raise Profitable Pullets from Quaker Oats 31 pages

Oil Paintings        (3) items              Homestead by Yeager 11.75" by 14.75", Dessert Scene 17.5" by 21.5" Jabra

and Oil Paintings (3) items            Amish School 23.5" by 27.5", Picking Cotton 27.5" by 31" both oil paintings, other pic is Toy Train and Horse 26.5" by 22.5" has glass front

Hangers               Black Calf and Prairie Dog, Cow Farm, Hunting on the Plains, Horse Farm, Cultivation of the Earth framed   all old

Cattle    Hereford Bulls, Cattle Drive          all framed pics

Rural      Scenes   Country Church, House and Wagon, rural Barn w/wagon falling apart in front of it

Jacket, Prints      Hesston Rodeo Litho's    2 unframed oil pictures, Jacket is a Medium, Rodeo Litho's (6) in unopened package

Dolls      White and Floral Dresses               head arms and legs porcelain, tallest is 22"

Blonde  Dolls      head arms and legs porcelain, tallest is 18, short is 12.5""

Dolls one is just part of bust          3 are complete   tallest is 18", head arms and legs

China     Dolls      about 7" tall

Dolls      & Beds (5) items dolls are 18" tall, 14.5" and 18.5" beds

Prints, Tool Holder, clock              tray        Pear's Soap Advertising, prints of Cotton Picking, wood shop, etc.

Flags      Toys, Strainer     Gleaner Combine, Cat Flag, Massey Flag, cap gun, misc.

Cub Cadet, Ertl Toys, McCormick Case IH all have been hung





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