Petroliana and Advertising

When it comes to the Petroliana field, Aumann Auctions, Inc. truly brings the highway to your doorstep!

Aumann Auctions, Inc. maintains a lead presence in the auction of Petroliana items and memorabilia. Petroliana refers to the hobby of study and collection of items pertaining to the automotive industry, most notably those related to the promotion and distribution of petroleum products. Examples of Petroliana include gas globes and pumps, vintage road signs, oil cans and display racks to name only a few. Aumann Auctions Inc. has conducted notable Petroliana auctions such as the annual Check the Oil Magazine Show Auction, the Earl Cheese Collection Auction, the Rex Benson Absolute Petroliana and Sign Auction and many others, often setting records for results and attendance. In addition to auctioning larger collections, Aumann Auctions offers consignment auctions. Our Petroliana specialists regularly attend collector shows and events and have authored books pertaining to the Petroliana hobby. Our online bidding system allows bidders to access our auctions at their leisure, giving them the power to decide when and where they would like to bid.